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This page will be set up a bit differently than the Review Round-up page.  I will start by providing a few links to some good poetry resources, including a poetry thread on a jazz-oriented bulletin board that I enjoy and occasionally contribute to.  Second, I will cross-link to the reviews of poetry collections, since it isn't always obvious on the review page if the books are poetry.  Finally, at the bottom of the page, I will link to my own efforts, including some archived work from my undergraduate days to on-going work, such as the Broken Sestina project. It should go without saying that I retain copyright of these poems and I would prefer that you link to pages of this blog rather than publishing them in their entirety elsewhere, but I am not going to get completely hung up on it (and indeed have violated this principle myself a couple of times on this very blog).  However, if they are republished without attribution, I will take action, so don't be a jerk...

On-line Resources
The Poetry Foundation
The Academy of American Poets at poets.org
The Poetry Cosmos thread at organissimo.org
Poem Finder
Poem Hunter

Reviews of poetry collections

   Margaret Atwood
        Morning in the Burned House
        The Door

   Kimmy Beach
        Alarum Within: Theatre Poems 
        Fake Paul
        In Cars

   Earle Birney
       One Muddy Hand: Selected Poems

   George Bowering
      Delayed Mercy and Other Poems
      Vermeer's Light
      My Darling Nellie Grey

   Dionne Brand

   Julie Bruck
      Monkey Ranch

   George Elliott Clarke
      Lush Dreams, Blue Exile

   Wayde Compton
       49th Parallel Psalm 

   Michael Crummey
       Arguments With Gravity
       Hard Light
       Emergency Roadside Assistance/Salvage

   John Donlan 
       Spirit Engine

   Ken Howe
       Household Hints for the End of Time
       Cruise Control: a theogony 

   Chris Hutchinson
      Unfamiliar Weather
      Other People's Lives
      A Brief History of the Short-lived

   Jeff Latosik

   Daphne Marlatt
      Liquidities: Vancouver Poems Then and Now

   Jane Munro
       Point No Point
       Active Pass
       Blue Sonoma

   W.H. New
       Stone | Rain (also Riverbook & Ocean)

   Frank O'Hara
       Poems Retrieved

   Sharon Olds (forthcoming)
       The Dead and the Living
       The Gold Cell
       The Father
       The Wellspring
       The Unswept Room
       One Secret Thing
       Stag's Leap

   David O'Meara
       Noble Gas, Penny Black

   Meredith Quartermain
       Vancouver Walking

   Al Rempel
        This Isn’t the Apocalypse We Hoped For

   Sue Sinclair
        Mortal Arguments

   Phyllis Webb
        Peacock Blue

My poetry

For the earlier work, I will only provide links if I think the work is worth keeping in circulation or there is a particularly interesting story behind the poem.  An asterisk will indicate it was published in a zine or small-press magazine (I generally stopped sending out submissions by 1995).

   The Limited Fix/The Portable Carnival (self-produced chapbook from 1992)
        Limited Fixations
        The Needle Dance *
        He is Holding Her Tight
        I Feel Like an Elizabeth (the first) *
        A White Room
        Routine Procedure
        When Night Begins
        The End of the Earth
        Cherry in the Church
        Baking a Cake on the Kitchen Floor
        The Fall
        My Tailor
        Prometheus’ Revenge
        He curls in the corner
        A Rage of Albinos
        Useless Items Suite
        Being Mr. Watson for a Day
        Man with Atlas
        A Woman Who Finds Herself ... *
        The Number Three in Theory and Practice
        A Gradual Slipping Out of Circle *
        Hooked *
        Drawing Lots in the Bottom of the Boat
        The Portable Carnival *
   The Palace at 4 A.M. (the skeleton of a collection pulled together around 2000 -- only poems not in previous collection listed)
        Palace Suite
            The Palace (at 4 A.M.)
            Inside the Palace
            Dinner at the Palace
            Palace Portrait
            Cats of the Palace
            Palace Diversions
            View from the Palace
            Train to the Palace
            Special Delivery (for the Palace)

        Perpetual Motion
        Near Misses
        Shakespeare and Company
        Urban Aesthetics
        Montreal Winter
        The Return of the Goths
        An Elevator That Only Goes Up
        The Mark
        The Way It Was When I Was There
        A Rage of Angels,
            The Angel of the City *
            The Angel of Lizards
            The Angel of Sand
            The Angel of Caravans
            The Angel of Porcelain
            The Angel of Hotels

    Broken Sestinas
        Sestina #0

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