Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Small steps (to get back in shape?)

I am far better about exercising my mind than my body, but I have gone and gotten a 3 month membership to the exercise rooms at the Park District building.  It is literally across the street, so I hardly have an excuse, other than their exercise facilities are not great.

I really signed up for the pool, however.  The lane swimming times are not great either, but they do work for me a lot better than they did the previous season.  They are currently 8-9 PM Monday and Wednesday.  And that's pretty much it for the entire week, which I find incredibly lame, but I should be able to make it to one and often both evenings.  I did like the fact that they have a medium speed swimming lane, though it didn't appear that it was appreciably slower than the fast lane.  Nonetheless, that's probably where I will end up most days.

It's been several months since I was biking regularly, and until the deep freeze lifts, that is how it will remain.  I don't think I've swum laps since last May or perhaps the first week or so of June.  I think I did reasonably well, given that I am out of practice.  I'm still a little sore from Monday, and I'll probably be even more sore on Thurs.  But I'm the only one to blame for getting so out of shape.  Next week I'll look into using the exercise room a bit more and see if they have weight machines or only free weights.

I even went today (Wed.) and it is often going back the second or third time that is the hardest.  I'm sore in some places that I haven't been working on in a long time.  I guess that is a good thing.  Now I just have to try out the stationary bicycle and the weights on one of the non-swimming days, and we'll see if I can start making some serious progress.

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