Friday, May 15, 2015

Feeling the burn (moving)

I have a long way to go, but I have been biking roughly twice a week to work and occasionally on weekends.  I've gotten to the point where I can make the trip in just under 25 minutes (even going up the hill on Carlaw) and I might be able to shave that down a bit more as I get a bit more into shape, though 25 minutes is not bad at all and much better than transit on average.  I suspect my commuting by bike will go up to 3 times/week fairly soon, and perhaps hit 4 times/week over the summer.  On the other hand, I have basically stopped the swimming due to all the packing and moving I've been doing.  I guess that's ok.  It's a different kind of exercise certainly.

I still feel extremely fortunate to have found a house in the neighbourhood we wanted -- and not have gotten burned in a bidding war.  It just seemed too easy, given all the horror stories out there.  But now that I am starting to feel the move in the body, it feels less like a dream...

I've basically gotten it so that I can make two trips in 1.5 hours, though that is a bit stressful, so I prefer to rent the car for 2 hours.  Today, I had done the biking and a lot of walking to get my son to a dentist appointment and back, so I drowsed off and then found out I had missed 30 minutes of my car rental appointment!  I still had 90 minutes, but I was moving some large futon pieces.  I guess it must have been the extra adrenalin but I still made it and came back for a second load and got the car back in time.  I have moved close to 35 boxes so far, plus the futon pieces and all the stuff for painting.  Not bad for exactly one week since closing (and only 6 days since actually picking up the keys).

This weekend I will focus primarily on getting the painting done, though I imagine I may drop off another load or two, especially on Monday (which is a holiday even for me).  I think I will be done or all but done with the books (well the downstairs books) and most of the CDs in about two weeks, and can then decide if I want to rent a truck to move the bookcases or not.  After that, I'll evaluate where we are in terms of everything else, and we'll arrange for movers to come in and get the furniture.  I am sure there will be some snags, but I'm feeling better about this than I was last week at any rate.  Still, I can feel the difference in preparing for another move at 45 that I just didn't feel at 35.  It is pretty wearing on the body.  This really has to be the last move before I just downsize completely (and try to go almost completely digital).

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