Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring Break Itinerary

Things have come together fairly well for the spring break, though there will probably be a few tense moments, hoping that my daughter doesn't get carsick, or rather cabsick!  But we've tried to maximize the time spend on trains or walking and should only need to take a few cabs.  We also need to try to pack as light as possible, since there is at least one time we might try to check our bags at a museum.

Anyway, we will head out on Sat. for New York or rather Newark Airport (EWK) and then take NJ Transit into Penn Station.  We're staying fairly close to Penn Station.  I think Sat. afternoon will be spent checking out midtown and Times Square, and then I'll head off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, most likely taking my son.

Sunday we are going to be visiting friends and relatives in Brooklyn.  I suppose there is a tiny chance that we would go out to Gravesend to show them where we lived, but most likely not.  It's definitely too cold for Coney Island to be open and any fun.  On the other hand if it ends up being really cold and the park is out (either Prospect Park or the Botanical Gardens) we could theoretically go down and check out the Aquarium.  Still, it isn't particularly likely.  I am going to want to go to the Brooklyn Museum, which I haven't visited in many years.

Monday, the only absolutely critical thing on my list is to visit MoMA, and the kids will need to come along.  I suspect there will be time to go to lower Manhattan and see Wall St. and Battery Park and possibly even take the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty and/or Ellis Island.  I'm trying to leave this day relatively open.

Tuesday, I think we'll go to the Museum of Natural History and wander through Central Park, particularly if the weather is nice.  My wife would also like to check out Harlem, so I think we'll do that.

There are a lot of things I have crossed off the list to keep this from being a completely manic and unpleasant trip.  The Guggenheim and the Whitney and the Cloisters are out.  (I would definitely like to take the kids to the Cloisters, but it is so far from everything.)  I considered the Museum of the City of New York, but honestly the current exhibits aren't all that interesting and the most interesting one will have closed for museum renovations by the time we turn up.  I actually had wanted to go over to Newark, but the timing doesn't work very well, particularly since the Newark Museum is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

I'm planing a short jaunt for myself in the summer to see the Stuart Davis exhibit at the Whitney, and I'll plan on going to the Guggenheim then.  I may or may not be able to squeeze in a side trip to Newark.

Anyway, we are actually then going to grab our stuff and take the train to Newark and stay Tuesday night near the Newark Airport, since we are flying over to Boston.

The itinerary for Boston looks like doing some historical walks and probably Faneuil Hall in the afternoon.  Then the MFA, since it is open quite late.  I'm hoping to take the family, but they may be exhausted.

Thurs. it looks like we will go to Cambridge and check out the museums at Harvard, particularly the Art Museum and the Museum of History.  Then we'll return, and I'll go to the Isabella Gardner Museum, since it has evening hours on Thurs.  Again, I'll go on my own or with my son.  I don't really expect my wife and daughter to go, but you never know.  We're staying fairly close, so they could come along for a short time and leave when they get bored...

Friday, we have the morning and very early afternoon to do one last thing in Boston.  I am leaning towards the Museum of Science.

So it will be a very eventful week.  I'm actually quite glad that we will be home on Saturday to recuperate. 

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