Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Follow up from tough day

In my last post, I discussed some of the more frustrating events of the weekend, along with the oasis of spending time with the actors from Hogtown.  I also said that the negatives might be ameliorated and in time I would dwell on them less.  I can report back that I was able to get my mobile phone service turned back on, though it meant going to the Eaton Centre and then getting on the phone with a service rep for almost half an hour before finally succeeding.  I'm more than a little worried the same thing will happen next month (I say it is better than 50%), and, if so, I am switching phone companies, but for now I am back in business.

I didn't want to go to the gym, as it was grey out and even a little damp, but I did push myself and I went for a shortish workout.  Those are the important times to go, where you really make it a habit (and not give in to temptation to take it easy).  I'll be doing more biking and maybe even some swimming this week, but I should still try to make it over a couple more times.  It will be a while before I see any positive results, but my core strength seems to be better.

And in fact yesterday ended on a positive note, as I managed to recruit the last of the actors I need for the staged reading, so I am in business.  I've got a lot of writing I need to do over the next few weeks, some technical and some creative, so I should probably wrap this up.  I do have a few too many distractions, so I'll probably have to cut back on the blog for the time being.

Coda: Probably it's just as well that I didn't open the mail over the weekend, since I just found out that my bank is summarily cancelling my Mastercard and switching me to Visa in a few months.  This is completely unacceptable, since several stores in the neighbourhood are Mastercard only.  So I'll be going through updating my credit card and monthly payment options one way or another (and probably struggle with the mobile company yet again).  I'll probably be switching banks as well.  I was actually leaning towards Tangerine, but it seems there is no way to actually deposit a foreign currency cheque with them, so that probably rules them out.  Just in general, I am fairly annoyed at the banking options available -- and don't get me started on the usurious charges that credit cards are now allowed to charge.  It is truly shocking that in my lifetime they have gone from under 10% (which at the time was astonishing) to hovering around 20%.  I think this probably is better regulated in Europe (with the notable exception of the UK), but perhaps not.  Anyway, just thinking about how few decent banking and credit card options are available to me always puts me in a funk.

To top it all off, I went from work to the Regents Park Aquatic Centre.  I don't think I'll ever time it as perfectly as today.  I got there at 6:25 (the lane swim starts at 6:30).  I changed and was one of two people ready to get in some laps.  And my goggles had snapped in half.  I tried to swim without them, but it was a complete non-starter, so I went into the whirlpool for a short time and then went home.  So frustrating.  Basically, all my good intentions were for naught, and I'm in an even worse mood now.

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