Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bad lunch

I was totally at my wit's end for lunch.  I just did not want the stuff in the food court, and I'd already had Thai a couple of times this week.  I really wish that 1) the Chinese place closest to me was better and 2) the Chinese place in Metro Hall didn't keep getting busted for health code violations.  That place was probably the best food court Chinese I've ever had.  Ultimately, I decided that I wanted something like mac and cheese, but the place I thought would have it didn't, and I was pretty far from work at that point.

I kept on and came to a Rabba's that I used to frequent before I changed jobs.  The falafel looked pretty good and they had vegetable samosas.  All I can really say is I wish I had looked over some reviews.  The falafel was truly foul, quite dry.  Then I realized after a couple of bites that the vegetable samosa had ground beef in it, so I had to throw it away.  (This same switcheroo happened to me at Robarts Library, and it still pisses me off.)  Not only did it taste disgusting, but I can't digest red meat any longer, and I will spend most of the evening not far from the toilet.  I stuck it out for another hour or so at work, but ended up leaving early.

What an unpleasant start to the long weekend.  All I can say is never again to Rabba's.  And I should really think more seriously about bringing my lunch to work, since I am so generally unhappy about the options near me.

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