Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pandas - last chance

Apparently, there is actually a panda countdown clock, with less than 16 hours to go (since you clearly can't go in the middle of the night).  I have no idea how crowded it will be.  While it was fairly chilly two weeks ago (and should be somewhat warmer today), I'm glad we went then and avoided the hysteria.

As promised, here are some photos we took on the last trip.


The cubs

So we saw them sleeping and eating.  Which is pretty much all pandas do, but they are cute... 

The Tundra Trek was definitely more interesting, as the animals were more in their native element, so to speak.

Polar bears

Snowy owl

Arctic wolves

I hadn't remembered that the zoo also has penguins, though these are actually African penguins.

As I mentioned before, the Canadian Domain was quite a bust and not worth the walk.  But we were lucky enough to see Kiran, the greater one-horned rhino calf.

And that was basically the end of our trip to the zoo.

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