Monday, June 25, 2018

(Other) Fringe shows to check out

While I want everyone to come see Final Exam first, this looks like a pretty good Fringe year.  One thing that it doesn't have a lot of is innovative stagings of well-established plays.  (Often there are a few, but this year I think the only one that falls in that category is Bakersfield Mist by Stephen Sachs, though I already saw that at the Theatre Centre.)  There are a few shows that have been moderate to big hits at other Fringes, but pretty much everything is developed by the local companies.  That makes Fringe particularly interesting and a bit like a Cracker Jack box where you never know just exactly what you are going to get...  But that's part of the fun.

I've identified quite a few shows that look worthy of checking out, though I probably can only see a small fraction of them, given that I have to be at all the showings of Final Exam.  (Perhaps if a number of them all fall on a single day, I'll take a vacation day, but I haven't gotten quite that far yet.)  Anyway, here are the offerings I find particularly interesting, grouped somewhat thematically:

Site-specific shows east of the Don Valley:
Final Exam!
Kitchen Sink Drama (apparently there are snacks involved!)
Coconuts, Cedar Trees, and Maple Leaves

Shows with a SF element:
2018: A Sex Odyssey
Space Hippo
Police Cops in Space
Flute Loops

Shows based around classic literature (Mr. Miller would approve!)
Paradise Lost
Dead for a Ducat (loosely inspired by Hamlet)

Shows where I know the cast:
The Ties that Bind
Kitchen Sink Drama

Other shows of potential interest
Women of the Fur Trade
Josephine (a cabaret/burlesque show about Josephine Baker)
The Preposterous Predicament of Polly Peel (Act 1)
Fine China

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