Monday, August 19, 2013

End of summer

For most of the weekend, it already felt like fall, though it dried up and warmed up by late afternoon on Sunday.  We probably have about two more weeks of decent weather, then it will be back to normal, i.e. rainy.  While I am not really looking forward to Vancouver's rainy season, it will be nice to have green grass again.  Most of the lawns around the neighbourhood look parched, as few people own sprinklers and even fewer feel that they ought to be watering grass (a combination of environmental attitudes reinforced by laziness -- or vice versa).  I certainly don't care sufficiently about the grass to buy a sprinkler...

This year the kids were in summer camp here for two weeks and did a bunch of activities, including making tie-die t-shirts, which came out well.  In Chicago, they were in ceramics class and dance class, respectively.  We'll try to make it to the PNE and hopefully up Grouse (via gondola not the Grind!) before the end of summer.  I'm trying to get them back into the swing of things by drilling them on math, and they've been pretty good about reading, so they won't be too far behind once school starts up.  (Just two more weeks now.)

Back to fall.

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