Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rob Ford - Busted

I do try to steer away from the really political stuff, but I am so glad that the police have busted Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, i.e. they have recovered the alleged video showing him smoking crack, along with a long surveillance trail of him contacting the alleged drug dealer Alexander Lisi.  I'm sure there will be lots of updates, but the breaking news is found here and here and here.  Sadly they cannot actually charge him with a crime for what appears to occur on the video, though of course there might be obstruction of justices charges or the like.  And Toronto has no recall mechanism, and possibly no way for the City Council to actually force Ford to step aside.  But I think even the most thick-skinned politician, such as Ford, will realize there is simply no way he can remain in power after these revelations.  Anyway, what a way to start the day!

So he has admitted to taking crack cocaine, even before the infamous video airs!  But he is still hanging tough and won't resign, and possibly still planning on running again next fall.  And he and his brother are basically digging in and bashing the police chief of all things!  (And it is so so sad how tribal politics have become that many of his supporters will go along with this pirouette.)  But I suspect that in the end, he will find the fall-out from when the video actually airs will be so damaging that he will step aside.  Maybe that is just wishful thinking...

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