Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My art

While I have a reasonably good eye and can generally frame photographs fairly well, I really have not explored the fine arts at all.  I'm not sure if this is because I feel I have no time, or I don't want to embarrass myself (or some combination of both).

Anyway, one of the last things was to try to cover up a bunch of small holes in the upstairs bathroom.  The previous owners left paint that was supposedly for the upstairs bathroom, but it was a bit too light.  I decided to take some spare canvas I had and the paint for the downstairs bathroom and see what I could come up with.

What I was aiming for was something along these lines, though red and black and maybe a bit more tree-like.

Kazuo Nakamura, Inner Structure, 1956, @ AGO Collections

As you will see, I ended up with something that is nothing like this at all.  It's slowly growing on me, though I might try to get the thing in my head on canvas one of these days.  (I probably ought to start with a better primer, however.)

I went ahead and photographed several stages, much like Matisse did, though I didn't completely paint over what I had done obsessively, as Matisse (and Picasso) were known to do.

The blank slate
Basic black
More black
Red on black
Purple passion
White on black (homage to Franz Kline?)
Going green
Mellow yellow

And that is it in its final form.  (Or probably so.  I may touch up the purple with a bit of blue, since the purple dried so dark it looks nearly black.)  This is basically an abstract piece, though I kind of see a wolf-like figure chasing some bird-like pictographs with a campfire at the bottom right.  There is a lot of empty space, which maybe is a good thing.  It certainly is different from what I had originally intended.

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