Friday, October 30, 2015


Just far too much going on these days.  Pretty much the entire team at work seems to be double and triple booked, and when I try to get to my own work, I have to resolve some other issue for someone else, then there are all these PM responsibilities, which I generally am not able to charge back to a project.  So frustrating some times.

Anyway, I just am not able to work through the night the way I used to, though I have been getting up early to get through some of the work.  Nonetheless, much suffers this way.  I actually had carved out the time yesterday in the early morning to work on Sing-for-your-supper (after I had resolved some internal motivation issues) and we had a power outage that wiped out some of the work.  It was clearly not meant to be, and I just went off to work without finishing the piece.  I am so close, but I think I'll just have to skip it this month (again) and try to have this ready for December.  There are two other things that are more pressing and simply have to get done today.  The creative writing gets bumped down again.

I do have a pretty cool picture to post, however.  I was pouring myself some diet Coke and it looked like a universe in my cup or at least a galaxy.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the camera in time to capture it when it looked like a spiral galaxy with arms, but then it settled down to this (cropped but otherwise not Photoshopped).  So cool.

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