Sunday, January 24, 2016

Breaking news -- classical edition

I just received an email from the Royal Conservatory that they are launching a 21st Century Music Festival this May.  Details should be here.  There are several interesting concerts in the series, but the one that leaped out at me was that Kronos Quartet was coming to town on May 25, and they have a special guest: Tanya Tagaq.  So this seems like a pretty big deal.  They don't make it to Toronto that often, whereas they have been to Vancouver a few times since I started paying attention.  I suspect this is going to sell out, so I actually booked my ticket before writing the post, though there were plenty of seats the last time I checked.

I was just at the Amici Ludwig concert which mostly featured Beethoven chamber pieces for winds.  It was quite a nice concert, particularly the quintet that ended the show.  I am tempted to go to their jazz cross-over concert on Feb. 28, but I will probably be down at Brock on that day.  To me the most interesting piece is Milhaud's La Création du Monde, though this is a "reduced" version.

There will be a chance to see the orchestra version on March 31 during the Esprit Orchestra's concert at Koerner Hall.  I'd probably prefer the orchestral version, and I do hope to make this concert, though I haven't gotten tickets yet.  This could be a rare chance to catch both versions, and I would encourage that for any serious musicologists in Toronto.

A few other events, brought over from my other events page.

March 5 Brett Dean Viola Concerto (TSO)  There are actually a few concerts in the TSO's new music festival, though this is the one I am most likely to get to, but I will already be out and about most of the afternoon, so it may not be justifiable to be out in the evening as well.

April 10 Pacifica Quartet (Hamilton) - all Beethoven String Quartet concert.  I've seen Pacifica several times, and they always put on a good show.  I intend to travel down for this.

April 14, 2016 Steve Reich at 80 concert (Soundstreams @ Massey Hall, Toronto)  This is also fairly likely to sell out, and I have booked my ticket already.  This will also make the first show I've seen in Massey Hall, so it's good it is going to be so memorable.

mid May Tales of Two Cities concert by Tafelmusik.  This looks like fun, but I may not be able to squeeze it in.

May 25 Kronos Quartet w/ Tanya Tagaq Koerner Hall (Toronto) So exciting, I am repeating it twice. 

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