Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shadowy weekend

It's been interesting watching how the 80s revival (in music and to some degree in fashion) is giving way to the early 90s.  That's particularly good for those interested in Canadian alternative music, as to me the highlight of that period ran from roughly 1991-1995, and many of the Canadian bands of the time are reforming and playing Toronto at least.

The Lowest of the Low have reformed on a semi-permanent basis and have played a couple of shows.  One I waited a bit too long, and it sold out (this was a busy period at work, however, so I was working quite late those days).  Then we were out of town for the other show.  Still, I'll keep my eyes open and may make it to one of their gigs.

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet have been playing occasional reunion shows since 2012, though one band member died, so there is a replacement bass player.  I found out that they played Lee's Palace Friday night, but I had seen two concerts back to back, and I just didn't want to be gone another evening.  Anyway, it was sold out.  It appears there is another show tonight, which is also sold out, though there may be tickets available through the usual (shadowy) channels.

Potentially more interesting is that for Sat. April 16 only, there is a 4 LP box set coming out that collects their 3 albums and a fourth LP of rarities.  This is part of Record Store Day 2016.  Some details here (scroll down to the bottom).  I'm just not that interested in the artificial scarcity of these sets, particularly for a vinyl-only release.  If it comes out on CD next year, I might consider it, though I have to admit I find there is a certain sameness to their songs, and I don't think I am really the target audience.  I'm more interested in the idea of Shadowy Men than in actually going to a gig or listening to an entire box set of their music.  I'd probably be better off picking up one or two of their CDs at BMW for example.  Still, for those that are interested, today is the day to go record store hunting.

How could I forget to link to "Having an Average Weekend"?  This version is from one of the reunion shows.

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