Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shutting down (for a while)

Now that I've had a day to wake up and look (across the border to the South) at what is still a stinking pile of vomit (i.e. it still doesn't look any better even though the sun does continue to rise and set), I've decided to shut down the blog for a while.*  There just isn't anything productive I can write.  It's not so much that I will regret it later.  I have too much disdain for a political system (designed intentionally by Hamilton in particular) that had a thumb on the scales in favor of land-owning elites and now is skewed far too much towards red states that are largely empty of people.  I'll still hate conservatives and will surely continue to express myself along those lines.  I am not going to give Trump a chance or hope that he succeeds: I want him to fail spectacularly.  I'll still lobby hard in favor of breaking up the country, since I feel a divorce would ultimately be best for two groups of people that have nothing but contempt for each other.  Maybe this election (though more likely the horror show that will be the Supreme Court) will be what finally convinces people that the status quo just isn't working.

I'd rather channel my rage and grief into other creative writing and perhaps even producing an evening of entertainment.  So I'll come back in a couple of weeks or a month whenever I feel there is something worthy of announcing on that front.

Auf Wiedersehen.

* In addition to not watching Election, I'll also probably return To Kill a Mockingbird without finishing it.  I just am not in the mood to read fairy tales about enlightened Southerners at the moment.  My loss obviously.  It is a harder decision on whether to cancel attending TRB in DC this January.  I don't want to go any more, and, if I do go, I won't be able to refrain from remarking that I got out while the getting was good, so not all that much good would come from the visit.

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