Monday, July 24, 2017

Frustrating day with bright spots

Yesterday was definitely a difficult day for me, though the afternoon was not a complete waste.

It started out with taking the kids to the Humane Society.  I've been thinking more and more seriously about getting a kitten or even a youngish cat (under 5 years), and the kids were interested in tagging along.  The cat that I was most interested in had quite a few behavioral problems that were not listed on the website, so it felt a bit like a bait and switch.  After pondering things a bit longer, I decided to wait until the fall when all the vacations were over, and I would have a chance to decide if I really could clean up the house enough to find room for a couple of litter boxes.  It's possible I'm not really ready to upend my life to fit a pet in.

Coming back we had quite a bit of trouble getting home, waiting on the King streetcar (only to find out that it was a Cherry streetcar -- and then missing 2 Queen buses before we could get back to the other stop).  I was generally pretty stressed, as I needed to get back downtown in time to volunteer at Hogtown.

Indeed, the TTC had totally upended transit from the east side, so the Gerrard/College streetcar only went to Parliament and then you had to transfer.  I just think this was a bad decision, since they also had shut down the 2 subway.  In the end, I made it with 15 minutes to spare, but it was still annoying and I was stressed almost the whole trip.

The show itself was very fun, and I saw a few different things on this performance, though I still missed some of the scenes.  I have a pretty good idea of the main events, but I think you need to see it 3 or perhaps 4 times to truly see everything.  I also got to hang out with the actors after the show at their post-show gathering.  They were a nice bunch, and that (and volunteering at the show itself) was definitely the bright spot of the day.  Then it was back to reality.

I went to work briefly and tried to deal with my cell phone company.  While I absolutely updated my credit card info, the information didn't "take," which actually happened before.  Their on-line systems are quite poor in my opinion.  This led them to completely suspending the account (without warning mind you).  After calling customer service, they said I would have to visit a store with ID in hand before they would even think about restoring service.  I gave them a few choice words and hung up, though I don't really have a choice.  I'll have to deal with it tomorrow over lunch.  But if this auto-payment thing fails again next month, I am through with them and will migrate to a different mobile company.

Then the TTC screwed me again on the way home, and I barely got back in time to get to the grocery store before it closed.  I was too upset (and tired) to go to the gym, which then put me even further in a bad mood, since it doesn't take too many missed trips to the gym before you fall out of the habit.  I'll just have to make the effort to go tonight.  The rest of the week I should be biking again, so it won't feel quite so urgent.

So that was my day of highs and lows.  On the whole, the bad outweighed the good, but maybe I won't feel the same tomorrow if I get the phone working again and I do make it to the gym.  Then it will be more of a bad (but passing) dream.

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