Saturday, October 28, 2017

Change of Plans 2

I had really hoped that I would be over this lingering cold/cough/whatever by now.  As usual, I had plenty of plans, starting with taking my daughter to Hoot and Howl, then biking over to Canadian Stage to try to see the matinee of Life After, then picking up my laundry, and the probably seeing the evening performance of one of the Seven Siblings' Future Fest plays.  Then tomorrow I would spend most of the day up at the McMichael Collection.

Well, my daughter was really dragging this morning, so we got to the Hoot and Howl late.  Then she decided midway through that she was having a good time after all (maybe after the candy rush kicked in), so we stayed longer than I expected.

This apple slinky was one of the only healthy options available (though to be fair they had burgers and samosas for sale outside).  But note the candy bracelet in the background...

Still, I'm glad she came around.  This will almost certainly be the last year we go, so it is good to have good memories of it, despite it being quite crowded per usual.  She also made a tie-dye t-shirt, which, assuming it comes out well, will be a more tangible reminder of this fall.

But the bigger issue is that the rain picked up a bit more, and at this point I would have to ride my bike in the rain to Canadian Stage only to find out if I could get one of the last tickets.  I'm pretty sure that would just undo the limited progress I have made to date on getting over this cold.  (In that sense, I was correct that if I was going to go to Life After, I should have gone midweek, but my cold just wouldn't have allowed for that.  Too bad.)

The rain is supposed to stop in a few hours, so I should be able to go get my dry cleaning.  I may also go to the mall to try to fill a prescription.  I have some time still to decide about Seven Siblings, but the theatre isn't too far from my house, so I'll just see how I am feeling in a few more hours.

I am leaning towards heading off to the McMichael tomorrow and taking a lunch and a book, but I haven't entirely decided.  It really depends if it is going to rain or not.  At the moment, the forecast is for overcast skies but no rain.  If that is still the forecast this afternoon, I'll probably order the tickets.  I'm a little concerned that I haven't heard anything about the Toronto Cold Reads line-up for Sunday, but I'll probably go one way or another.

I find it hard, even while a bit sick, to pull back and be reasonable.  Even dropping one event from a fairly packed schedule pains me a bit, but it is definitely worth it if, by not going, I don't let this cold linger on any longer than it already has.  I certainly could use more actual rest, not the "rest" where I end up answering emails and phone calls most of the day (like the last two Fridays where I was officially taking the day off).  I don't know -- maybe one day I will learn to actually rest when I say I need rest...

L'envoi: We stopped over at Hoot and Howl one more time on the way to the mall, since my daughter wanted to see the fire truck pull up.  Also, she scored a hot dog for lunch, so it was a pretty good day for her, despite the iffy weather.

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