Thursday, November 16, 2017

Firefox has gone too far

I've generally been unhappy with how often I have to update Flash or perhaps it is the underlying Java.  Anyway, there are just a few websites that make it all but impossible to stream music except through FlashPlayer, including Hoopla and the BBC Radio sites.  Since they won't move with the times, I really don't have any option either.

I knew I was living on borrowed time with the various Firefox updates, but I really don't care for the changes that were introduced with version 58 today (or perhaps yesterday).  The legacy ePub Reader finally conked out completely (and I can't stand the new verson).  There are a few other things as well that trouble me about this upgrade.  So I have decided to roll back to an older version and disable the automatic updates.  I suppose there will come a day that I decide I just must upgrade and deal with all the other extensions that no longer work, but that day is not today...

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