Sunday, April 8, 2018

This week (early April)

I originally had a very different post grousing about doing my taxes.  It's never fun, particularly in my case, where I have to file US and Canadian taxes (and they pretty much do have to be done simultaneously).  Generally it breaks that I don't owe US taxes, but I often owe Canadian taxes in a year when the market is up and I don't owe if the market is down.  This year kind of stinks in that the market was up a fair bit in Dec., but this upcoming trade war is going to bring everything down (and perhaps for quite some time).  Thus, I am paying taxes on the values right before the bubble bursts, which always chafes.  C'est la vie, I suppose.  In any case, after I wrap this up.  I'll set it aside for a day or two, then check my work, then file the US ones.  I'll probably hold off a bit longer if I do owe the CRA a big chunk of money.

In the meantime, I need to make another pass through the Fringe play.  I've cast all the parts (finally!) but the actor playing the main teacher is still hoping to see more changes.  I basically agreed to one more revision, but if he still isn't satisfied, I'll need to find someone else.  Because at this point, I need to get the cast together for a run through and to try to find a director.  I was also a bit nervous that I hadn't heard back from the principal of Danforth Tech.  I finally called and asked what the story was.  He said that they were going to have summer school, which will complicate things, but probably not be fatal to my plans.  I'm going over in a week and a half to scope out the room and start working on the forms I would need to get approval from the TDSB to put on the play.  Clearly, there are just a few snags, but I should be able to push through and make this happen.  Fingers crossed!

There were a few actors I had in mind for the last student, but one had family issues arise and the other was already doing a Fringe show.  I had really wanted to touch base with an Asian actor from Sing-for-your-Supper, but no one could remember her name.  Finally, the SFYS organizers got back in touch, and I got her name.  She has signed on, which is great news and such a relief.  Perhaps ironically, I found this out only about a week before the next SFYS, which is Monday (tomorrow).  I managed to find the time to write a piece about the break-up of a K-Pop band and submit that in time.  The organizers liked it quite a bit (I am so much more in sync with SFYS than Toronto Cold Reads, and I won't be submitting any more material to TCR), but they wanted to hold it for a month to allow some new voices to be heard.  It's a bit of a sacrifice, but I agreed.  In any event, the May SFYS is a better time to actually pitch my Fringe show than April, which is way too early.  For those interested, the script is here.  Feel free to show up tomorrow (details here), but I'll be making a stronger pitch for May when my piece gets mounted.

Somehow the creative juices never stop flowing though, and despite this backlog, I may also write a piece about student athletes getting ready for a road trip.  I want to freeze the action just as the bus is about to take off.  It is my personal reaction to the horror in Humboldt.  It isn't for the families, as it won't make them any better, but it is mostly about celebrating youth (and endless possibilities).  It's possible that it won't work or it will just be too heavy, if I make the linkage explicit.  In this particular case, I wouldn't make it about hockey players, but a color guard or a cheer leading squad, as I have quite a bit of experience chaperoning these teams around New Jersey, though this was about 25 years ago.  If nothing else, it would be good to get down on paper before I completely forget it all.

I am so sick of this lingering cold weather.  It looks like it will stay cold until Wed.  Then Thurs-Sun it will be warmer but probably rainy.  Lovely.  I don't see how I will ever be able to ride my bike, though I may just bundle up and try it Tues. and Wed.  I was definitely expecting to be further along in my spring exercise routine by now.

Finally, given that I am in pretty good shape vis-à-vis the taxes, I think I'll take my son to York University for a concert by TorQ.  Along the way, we'll check out the new TTC stations.  I'm more than a little worried that the strike at York will force the concert to be cancelled, but I guess I'll take the chance.  I did decide not to pre-order the tickets.  I guess I'll find out when we get there.  Again, I just wish it were warmer for this little trek.  But I'll try to have a good time regardless, and I'll surely get a lot of reading in.

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