Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Short notice - part 2

I just happened to be going through the latest Now before recycling it and ran across this short blurb that a company was putting on Maria Irene Fornes' Mud paired with a shorter work (by her as well).  This definitely caught my attention.  Five years ago, Halcyon Theatre did a summer series focused on Fornes, and I managed to get to all the productions.  All were pretty interesting, and I thought What of the Night was pretty incredible.  Anyway, I've never seen Mud, though I've wanted to since learning about Fornes.  I did a quick perusal of another review site (only glancing at the Mud review to see if it was positive or not) and I decided that I should go.  As it turns out, the show closes this weekend, and they are only selling 20 advance tickets each night with another 10 held at the door (I guess a bit in the spirit of the Fringe).  Given all the stuff I am doing related to the move, I was sort of glad that they actually had a Sunday evening performance, which is the one I will attend, but I also  like the fact that it is supposed to only last 90 minutes, which makes it a bit easier to be out on a Sunday evening.  More information about getting tickets here.  Get a move on if you are interested.

There is a bit more time to plan one's schedule around the Toronto Jazz Fest, 2015 edition, which is basically the last two weeks of June.  I don't think too many of the events will actually sell out, but one never knows.  I'm leaning towards going to the Chris Potter/Dave Holland show and perhaps Christian McBride's Big Band.  But I think for once the free shows at Nathan Phillip Square look just as interesting as the free shows.  Assuming the weather holds, I am leaning towards going on the 23rd and 24th, in part to celebrate getting through this move.

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