Monday, August 3, 2015

No flouncing

I've generally felt that flouncing (i.e. making a big deal about quitting a thread or an entire bulletin board) only makes you look silly, particularly since at root you really are only doing it to attract more attention to yourself.  (It then looks especially foolish when you come back, which virtually always happens.)  I suppose narcissists are largely the folks driving the internet, particularly these days, but you still don't have to make such a big production of it.

It does seem like stirring up internet beefs is an art these days, with probably the majority being arranged beforehand.  While it is tempting to say that we are shallower these days, there really was a lot of trite celebrity news in the 1960s and 70s (esp. anything related to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton), and La Dolce Vita indicates the seeds of this worship of pop culture icons started in the 1950s (if not even before).  The difference (to me) seems that the balance is off.  We always had the human interest news and celebrity news, but this always was given third or even fourth billing after the serious state of the world business.  Now celebrity news (and feuds) drive the media cycle.

Anyway, as tempting as it is to launch a feud with some parties that have slighted me, I think it is better to refrain.  Perhaps some day I will end up working with them, though for moment, I am going to work on getting into another circle.  I think that really is all I can say, since if I say anything more about why I am disappointed, it will become apparent whom I am speaking of and that would defeat my larger purpose of trying to be the nobler party who suffers silently (mostly).

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