Monday, August 3, 2015

Updates on the household tasks

Well, I have been tracking my progress, and things are generally coming together.  I've gotten the desk fixed and the bathroom door sanded down to the point where it doesn't seem to be sticking.

I did empty out two more boxes downstairs (though in one case just by adding greatly to some piles of books next to the bookcase in the basement).  I did find the last major box of TBRD books, and I even tracked down a paperback copy of Margaret Laurence's The Fire-Dwellers (just when I was about to go look for a newer copy with what appears to be a cover by Alex Colville -- well, maybe I won't resist if I happen to see if for really cheap in a shop...).  In terms of the things -- that I am aware of -- that I can't track down at the moment, it is down to La Dolce Vita on Blu-ray and Giulini in America (Chicago Symphony Orchestra).  That's not too shabby.  They'll probably turn up when I am looking for something else.*

I also managed to get the outdoor table up just before a huge rain storm.  (Fortunately, it passed by the time I had to cycle down to Red Sandcastle for the reading, though it did rain a second time during the readings.)

I think the deck will be quite nice this fall.

I had hoped to get a bit further with the painting of the downstairs bathroom.  I may be able to get through all the taping in the morning.  I am not sure I can finish the painting before 1:15, which is when I am probably heading out for 1000 Monkeys.  It really would be rude not to turn back up, particularly if I want to try to stage some of my plays there from time to time.  I don't know what the rental fees are, but I'll ask Rosemary tomorrow.  I also forgot my business cards, and I should definitely have handed out some of those yesterday (to say nothing of Sing-for-Your-Supper, if I feel up to going to that).

The main setback -- and it may be a significant one -- is that the ceiling fan box does not appear to be properly wired.  It took a few hours to pull down the old fan, and I thought I could handle the job myself, when I found this problem.  It does not have the appropriate ground wire, which means that it could shock someone (not now but in the future if the wires short out), particularly as you do have to pull the switch to turn on the light.  I've got a friend who probably does know enough to help out, but he may decide that this is indeed a job for a professional.  What I really dread is having to open up the ceiling and/or the wall, but I'm in a really terrible position now, having a couple of wires dangling from the ceiling and no fan (when it has been such a hot, hot summer with few signs this is changing any time soon).

Oh well.  The joys of owning an older house...

Edit to add: I did manage to get the bathroom painted, so all in all, it was a very, very busy but productive weekend (I am glad for the holiday though) with only one significant snag due to old wiring.  Now if it doesn't dry evenly, I'll probably have to hit it with one more coat, but that should go faster since the tape is still up.  Maybe it will only take two hours or so, which isn't too bad.

Aside from the ceiling fan where it looks like I will have to call in professionals, I think the only significant remaining task is to cut down a board to add one more shelf to my son's bookcase.  That can definitely be done one evening this week or next, so everything will be done by the end of summer.  Not bad...

* So yes to the Giulini and no to Dolce Vita so far.  (I do, however, know where the DVD version is, which is the more critical at this point.)  I can't put my hands on the hair clippers at the moment, and I also am wondering about two books (out of the many, many books that are stashed away).  I am fairly sure that I hung onto my copy of Nin's Cities of the Interior and will keep my eye out for it.  I am equally confident that I parted with Jean Rhys's Complete Novels, and I am contemplating buying a trade paperback copy as a replacement.  Reading those back to back, while tempting, would probably be a mistake.

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