Sunday, December 6, 2015


I'm sort of taking it a bit easier today.  Yesterday was busy, though not as busy as last Sunday!  I took the kids to the pancake breakfast with Santa over at Matty Eckler.  Even though neither of the kids believes in Santa, they do believe in pancakes...  Anyway, there were more kids than last year, and more young kids that wanted to sit on Santa's lap, so it didn't feel as sad or nearly pathetic as last year.  My daughter did some of the arts and crafts but left behind the one that I thought was more creative.

I finally managed to take the time to get a haircut and did a bit of minor shopping on the way back.  Then I had to run to the bank and the post office.  Then I took my daughter back to Matty Eckler for some swimming.

In the evening, I finished off the friendship bracelet (it is indeed a bit too big).  I also tried to repair her glasses, though that was only a partial success, and I'll eventually have to take them back to LensCrafters.

Then I went through a bunch of boxes downstairs.  I didn't find the O'Brien volume, so I will assume I did part with that during a move (and reorder it), but I did find roughly where some of the key science fiction is stashed away, the anthropology books and quite a few books by Evelyn Waugh.  Of all the many things still in boxes, those books by Waugh are perhaps the most deserving of coming upstairs (to be fair I do have 7 books by Waugh unpacked, so it isn't that I have totally side-lined him).  But it will take a while to go through enough other books to make the space for them.  It is definitely a dilemma when sticking to my reading list means I won't get to that part of the shelves until 2017.  I will see if it is possible to make space for one more narrow and somewhat short bookcase down there.*  I did basically come up with a box of urban books that I can part with, though I may end up skimming them first.

I was pretty exhausted (moving boxes around is hard work), but my daughter wanted to work a bit on one more arts and crafts project.  So we did that for about half an hour.

I crashed pretty hard (no movies or reading last night, despite my best intentions), and I slept in until nearly 10, which is my body trying to recover from not enough rest.  I have a few minor tasks today, such as getting groceries and putting out more paper into the recycling bin.  I'll probably stop by work as well, though I haven't decided if I will go to the Image Cente to see the Weegee exhibit or back to the AGO (to see if the crowds at the Turner exhibit have died down a bit).  The main goal is to get the fabric I need for curtains and lining this skirt I want to make, though I doubt I'll get to either this evening.  Anyway, it is time to get going.  (I have recovered enough for now.)

* Where I would like to put the bookcase won't work, but I could fit in a bookcase that is a maximum of 40" x  55" as long as it is sturdy and level, since I can't anchor it against the wall.  This is becoming quite annoying as the one that I think would work best is not available in Canada.  I guess I'll look into this more tonight, but I have to get going now.

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