Sunday, April 24, 2016

More accidents on the commute

Friday was a strange day.  I saw two accidents that could have been much worse.  In that sense, I guess it was marginally better than this day.

I have no idea why the subway was so backed up, but I had to let 3 go by before I could squeeze on.  As the third was getting ready to shut its doors, a young woman ran by and tripped and fell on the platform right on the yellow rumble strip.  She was really laid out, and its not that hard to imagine her getting her hand caught in the gap between the train and the platform.  I'm not even sure the conductor did see her, or just took a look and made sure she was not touching the train.  At any rate, the doors closed more or less right in her face, and the train took off.  This whole sequence would have made a perfect PSA for why it is such a bad idea to run and try to catch a train.

A couple of people helped her get up and I thought she was ok, but she noticed that there was a major stain on her white jeans.  I suspect it actually was blood and the accident a bit worse than I originally thought.  In any case, she turned around and walked out of the station.  I did feel bad for her, but she had made a bunch of bad choices, and could easily have endangered others on the platform.  Running for a train is generally a bad mistake, though I have certainly moved quickly if it is an off-peak time and there is a clear shot between the bottom of the stairs and the subway door.  (Often, however, you then run into someone who decides to stop short as soon as they get onto the train; that has happened to me a few times.)

Friday wasn't all that eventful for me personally,* though I had wished I could ride my bike.  I managed 3 times in 5 days, but am still quite sore, as I am only just getting back into it.  Depending on the weather, I may ride in tomorrow (Sunday) and then Wednesday is pretty likely.  I'd like to make it on more day (Monday?) but it really depends on whether it rains or not.  The main reason I didn't ride is that I was going to see The Beaux' Stratagem at Soulpepper.  I wasn't able to switch tickets for Thurs, as I had hoped.  While I have occasionally ridden home later than 10 pm, it isn't something I am ever eager to do, so I just took the King streetcar.  (I should say that the students did a very good job with the play, and I'll be interested to see what they do next season.)

I just missed a streetcar, and while I was waiting for the next one, I saw two cyclists come by and all of a sudden, one of them collapsed in the street and fell basically in front of a car or rather just to the right of the car, but his arms were sort of in the path.  The car wasn't actually going that fast and was able to avoid the cyclist.  So everyone pulled over and tried to find out what had happened.  I had thought perhaps the car had clipped him, but in fact the front brake locked or something, and he went down.  He was just extremely, extremely lucky to have been able to get up without a scratch apparently.  The bike even seemed to still be working, and he pedalled off, though I imagine 1) he was very sore the next morning and 2) he will be taking that bike to the shop for a thorough tune-up.  I probably ought to have a tune-up as well, though I may wait another few weeks to sort of break it in.

Both of these events could have been so much worse, and I am glad that everyone walked away with just bruises or at worst a skinned knee.  Stay alert and be careful, people!

* I'm clearly still kind of numb about Prince dying; I believe I already said I am just about all grieved out for my pop heroes.  Let's give it a rest, 2016, mmm'kay?

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