Friday, April 29, 2016

Worn down

I am feeling quite run down.  I think this is largely from my body trying to catch up on 6 + months of not getting enough sleep, and the best way to get me to slow down is to threaten to get sick...  Anyway, while demands at work are far more reasonable than before, there are still a few tasks that are taking up a fair bit of time and it is hard to find the time to do them (during work hours) and fit in all the various meetings I am required to attend.  During one particularly long meeting, I did sneak in some work on a policy paper I am drafting.

But it is the extra-curricular work (two papers for the Transportation Association of Canada) that is really dragging at me.  I have one presentation all but done with only some minor edits requested.  The other one is far more interesting to me, and I've managed to do the advanced modelling (all over night, mind you) but I still have to draft something up by tomorrow!

So I won't be writing much more, since I have a fair bit left to go on this paper.  I still have a fair number of events, probably at least one scheduled per week, but there are new events coming up all the time, and I am really starting to weigh the cost (both in terms of money and time) and deciding not to go.  For instance, next week, someone is coming through and playing Bach's solo Cello Concertos.  Normally, I would be all over something like this, but I'm just not feeling up to it.  That's not to say I am not enjoying the events I do go to, and I'll write at least a little on some of the highlights of March and April, but I am starting to cut back a little and then trying not to have (non)-buyer's remorse.

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