Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blank Pages

I was going through old emails trying to get the version of The Study Group that I sent off to SFYS.  Apparently, this was actually my very first submission to them (and Straying South was #2).  When I finally found it, apparently there had been some issue with it, since instead of 16 pages of script (already too long according to their rules) there were three blank pages!  Perhaps not surprisingly, they just thought I was a flake and didn't bother to ask where the script was.  In any event, I've switched over to submitting PDFs, which are less prone to disappearing...

In a sense, this actually improves my overall batting average with SFYS.  If The Study Group is removed, then I am actually batting well over 0.500, and the first piece successfully submitted was taken.  (4 of 7 is 0.571, and I'd say that there is a decent chance that Late Night at the 7-Eleven will be accepted by Toronto Cold Reads, which would be another ego boost.)  At the moment, I am not writing short enough pieces to send to SFYS, but I probably will again at some point.  I hope by this weekend to be up to 30 pages or so of The Study Group, and perhaps I will share it at that point.  There is a chance that if I get to know the Cold Reads people they would let me split the play over two evenings, but I shouldn't get too far ahead of myself.

Let me end with a snippet of overhead conversation on the subway yesterday.  There was a young college-age woman (or possibly even high school girl, but since they were getting off at St. George, the odds are it was a freshman at UT).  She was talking a bit about her perfect boyfriend and saying something about how well they got along.  Then she said, "But that just means that we get married and our first break-up is in our 40s.  I think about that all the time."  I did like how she qualified this as their first break-up, assuming that they would then get back together and break up again in their 50s or 60s.

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