Friday, December 9, 2016


While I am not happy about the cold weather creeping in (and I did my last biking of the season last week actually, and it was cold and unpleasant), I do like some of the holiday decorations popping up around the city.  Not the commercialization of Christmas itself, but the rest of the holiday spirit can be nice.

Here is Yonge-Dundas Square getting into the act.

And here are a couple of displays along Bloor.

What has been a bit overwhelming is how Coke has just taken over the TTC station at Union.  While it isn't strictly Christmas-y, the station has a certain red glow to it.

It is making it somewhat of a challenge to my vow to give up all Coke (and Pepsi).  It is just about two months now, since I took the pledge, and while I have been sorely tempted, I have not slipped up yet. While I am not able to work quite as much in the late evenings as I used to, in general the switch to tea seems sustainable (if somewhat monotonous).  This station ad blast will not help; however, I will try to stay strong.

I think after the holidays I will try to up the ante and cut back more on sugar and particularly sugary snacks at work, and then to find some exercises I can do at home in the evening.  There isn't much point in vowing to go to the gym, since I know I won't be able to commit to that.  I might be able to integrate more swimming at Regent Park Aquatic Centre into my routine, but I don't want to commit to that right now.  In any case, there are definitely too many temptations to keep me where I don't want to be in terms of not in shape.

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