Thursday, December 29, 2016

The squeaky wheel

This is going to literally be about a squeaking wheel or some other machine part, and not a post where I am complaining about something else.  I followed the instructions and took apart the front of the sewing machine and added some oil.  I would say the squeaking is a bit less, but it hasn't gone away.  Kind of frustrating.  I am going to let everything soak in today and give it another shot tonight.

Since I'm pretty sure there is nothing that is about to wear out or completely break down, I'll probably just start sewing again this weekend, and at worst I'll sew with a iPod covering my ears.  Eventually, I'll probably look into setting up a sewing machine repair call, but that's going to be fairly pricey, I suspect.

Anyway, I do need to figure something out.  I went out to the new Fabricland location (Dupont and Dufferin) in this weird, mostly empty mall.  I went a bit crazy buying fabric, since most of it was on an incredible sale.  At least I held off from buying this little dress form (apparently used to make doll clothing) which would have been nothing more than another knick-knack (or tchotchke) in which I would have quickly lost interest.  I probably won't go again for many months, since I have far more than enough fabric to last me for the next three or four big projects.

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