Monday, January 2, 2017

Curtains, foiled again!

I have finished the first curtain.  Unfortunately, the cutting was quite uneven, and I may not have measured correctly in taking the edges into account (one has to cut off the raw edges of most fabrics).  I certainly thought I had left a bit extra, but there is almost no room to hem the bottom and certainly not to do a double hem, as I wanted to do.  Worst of all, just to get it to 58 1/2 inches long (rather than the desired 59), I had to cheat at the top again and it might not even go over the curtain rod!  So I'm kind of bummed out.  I suppose it was good practice anyway.

I cut out another two panels, which aside from one cutting slip, look like they will make much better curtains and are reasonably squared off.  I have enough material to cut out three more panels, and really I should only need two at most, and maybe I'll luck out and get by with the first one I finished.  So I probably will be able to make a couple of pillow cases with the remaining material.

At this point, I want to take a break, but I'll pin up the next curtain tomorrow and see if I can finish it in a day.  I'm definitely learning, that's for sure.  The squeaking is a little annoying, but I think I can get through the curtains and probably the pillow cases and then these two stuffed fish.  After that, I'll probably take it in for servicing or set up a house call.  I also need to track down a few more needles for the machine.  I hope it takes standard ones, since I don't even know if the manufacturer (Omega) is still in business.

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