Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year, new events

I'm very slowly filling up my calendar between now and May.  I actually have a few things already scheduled for July and that's before booking anything at Stratford or Shaw Festivals!

Obviously losing the Storefront Theatre is a blow, particularly since I planned to see Stupid F*cking Bird in March, but there is quite a bit else to keep me occupied.

January, I'll be back at Tarragon for Sequence, and Wolf Manor will be doing Danny and the Deep Blue Sea as well (need to get tickets for that soon).  Shakespeare Bash'd should be doing Twelfth Night at the end of Jan. or first week of Feb.  I'm sure there will be other things of interest that spring up.

I think I'll skip Coal Mine doing Superior Donuts (in Feb.).  I'm sure they will do a great job, but I just don't want to see it until I am done with all the rewrites to Dharma Donuts.

I have decided to check out My Night With Reg in Feb.  I generally catch one Mirvish show per season, and it looks like this is the one.  While it is really tempting to go see The Book of Mormon again, I'll try to restrain myself.

I do have to squeeze in George Brown's production of As You Like It in Feb.

In March, I will probably check out Wolf Manor's Three Sisters and Panych's 7 Stories at Hart House, and I am likely going to head over to Buffalo to catch A View from the Bridge.

I haven't seen anything that truly grips me coming through Crow's Theatre, but I might go see The Orange Dot in the second half of March, mostly so I can check out the space.  It's supposedly a 90 minute piece about existential dread.  I'm sure that will help distract me from whatever idiotic things Trump is up to south of the border.  Or not.

It looks like there is a one week run of Our Town at Buddies, and this seems like a fairly experimental version.  I'm leaning towards going.

I am probably going to see Dennis Kelly's Orphans at Coal Mine in April, though I'm pretty sure it will also be quite depressing.

I also will be catching two George Brown productions: The Penelopiad and A Flea in Her Ear and squeezing them in in April.

I just learned that there will be a production of Proof at Red Sandcastle in May, and I'm fairly likely to see that.  Details still forthcoming.

I'm debating seeing It's All Tru at Buddies in May.  Mostly because I have seen almost no queer theatre at Buddies since I've moved back, and that sort of seems weird to me.

Another production that was just announced is Ntozake Shange's for colored girls, which will be at Soulpepper through most of May.  It is again, super depressing, and I have seen it once already in Evanston, but I might go again.  Unfortunately, it remains just as relevant today as when it was written in the mid 1970s...

So I think I'll find a way to keep myself busy...

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