Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Theatre podcasts

That last post was perhaps a bit too downbeat.  Anyway, I have some good news* in this post.

Anyway, I more or less stumbled across this podcast that features Toronto playwrights, directors and actors: stageworthy.  They are looking to interview people about upcoming Fringe productions, so I threw my hat in the ring and may get invited to talk about my project in May or June.  That would be super exciting.

This other podcast (PlayMe) is exciting in a different way as it basically records live theatre and breaks it up into chunks.  While not every play really will succeed as a radio play, more or less, it's still an interesting idea.  There are a couple of performances by Eric Peterson, which I should listen to.  (And in a particularly interesting cross-over, Corner Gas has just been made into a cartoon, so I'll probably be checking out some of those episodes as well.)  Certainly a fair number of buzz-worthy plays have ended up here, including Bunny, Lo (or Dear Mr Wells) and Bang Bang.  The Orange Dot didn't get as much buzz.  I wonder how well it will work in this format.  Interestingly, I liked the back and forth dialog in The Orange Dot but thought the ultra-violent ending was a bit unearned, so I have no idea how it will come across here.  I think it's pretty unlikely that The Overcoat will turn up here, but I will keep an eye out, as that would be pretty cool if it did.

* Speaking of "Good news, everyone," there is a podcast that is actually a new episode of Futurama with all the original voice actors back!  So amazing.  The show that just wouldn't die.  Go listen to it here.

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