Sunday, April 22, 2018

Trying for the Bright Side

To be honest, I've completely given up on seeing the bright side in terms of the future.  Despite the many, many warnings, people have just decided to dig in and not change their behavior at all, pointing out the most irrelevant things that environmentalists do or have said in the past in an effort to undermine our collective ability to face up to these challenges.  (As if nature cared about the "gotchas" from the political classes.)  One of the small ironies is that I think the only hope we have is when China turns to full scale production of solar panels and prices this so cheap that there really is no alternative to switching to more renewable sources.

Another real problem is the tendency of people to get more insular and to vote for right-wing politicians as things get tough, which is basically the trend we see everywhere, even in Europe, with only a few exceptions.  I share with Freud a deep distrust (if not to say dislike) of human nature and its ugliness.  After I really thought about it, I decided Marx was a raging optimist.

All that said, it is too exhausting to carry that around into my personal life, which is certainly a privileged one and a relatively untroubled one.  However, I've just received a mighty blow that may well undermine the Fringe show, but I am going to work through the alternatives and see what can be done.  No question that in the past, I was too willing to drop everything and move onto other projects when the going got tough, so I do hope to change that.  (I wouldn't say that it ever had anything to do with fear of hard work or wanting to avoid conflict, but I just had so many things that I wanted to do, that I could always switch to something else when I got bogged down in something.  Still, it means I have a large number of half-finished projects, and I would like to change that.)  Probably the single proudest moment of the weekend (so far) is that I didn't just give up and binge eat or something, but I went to the gym (twice) to try to work off the stress.  Too bad they don't have a punching bag there...  I think I'll leave this post fairly cryptic for now, as I just want to check a few things before I outline my next steps.

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