Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fringe Parade

It's been quite a while since I've been in a parade.  Perhaps the last one was actually a Halloween parade with the kids (in costume!) in Chicago.  In any event, I was definitely a bit stressed out, since I wasn't able to ride my bike (because the laminated poster was too big) and also I thought I would head back with the other actor in my show after the parade.  But then I had to get from work to the parade starting point in 15-20 minutes.  I decided to try the Bike Share program.  I'm not going to lie.  I really disliked the feel of these bikes -- they barely geared up and the breaks weren't very good either.  I don't think I'll ever take one again, but it did serve its purpose.

I made it to Kensington Market with about 5 minutes to spare (well, more like 10 since we started just a bit late).

Our Poster

We actually joined up with another group and marched down to Scadding Court (Dundas and Bathurst).  Here we are merging into the other group.

We've got a short clip of the parade from the outside and then from inside the parade itself as we neared Scadding Court.  It was great that we had a small band (from High School Symphony).  Quite a lot of talent in this Fringe this year.  I wish I could see more of it, but I don't think I can see more than 5-6 shows, maybe 7 at the very most.

Anyway, we dropped off our poster at Scadding Court.  We didn't have time to stick around or to even buy the performers passes (as the box office line was too long), but I'll try to do that today after lunch.

We were able to find a cab on Bathurst and had him run us over to Gerrard Square (since my postcard order was finally done -- so frustrating that it wasn't the day before, as I would have handed some out at the parade).

The troops then gathered at 7, and we had our dress rehearsal.  It was very exciting, since this time around, we had a photographer taking shots, and the entire performance was recorded on video.  (That's one less thing to worry about tonight!)  It's really come together well, but it is so hard to believe we are opening tonight!  One last time, information about the show is here (and you can also buy tickets (only $13!) on-line through the Fringe website or at the door at Matty Eckler -- Pape and Gerrard).  Just remember that Fringe shows start on time, so please arrive a bit early (perhaps 6:45).  Hope to see you there!

Edit (7/5): I cycled back over to Scadding Court right after lunch (wow it was hot!).  There wasn't anyone in line at the box office (score) and every show time I wanted was still available (double score).  I took a look at our poster, which has good placement on the wall, right in the center panel.  We're a little high, but I think the slightly unusual placement actually catches the eye.

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