Sunday, July 22, 2018

Rainy Day Update

The weather forecast kept changing over and over.  First it was going to rain all weekend and perhaps Monday as well.  Then they removed rain in the forecast entirely.  Then rain crept in for Sat. evening and Sunday, which is what is says right now.  And in fact, it says it will rain from now until Thurs!  While we desperately needed rain, especially the lawn and gardens, five days straight is a bit much.  I suppose if it is more like Vancouver rain, a bit here and there, then I can deal with it and may bike to work most days.  Anyway, it isn't worth worrying about it too much.

In some ways, I am still recovering a bit from Fringe.  On the whole, it was a good experience, though I certainly wish the reviews had been better. I suppose it is always worth challenging oneself to do better, but it just felt like such a discrepancy between the reactions of the general audience and the reviewers, and it's a shame if people stayed away due to poor reviews.  I was basically ready for Fringe to be over a few days before it was actually over, just because it was so much work.  We didn't have anywhere to store anything, so everything had to be brought back and forth across the bridge for every show.  I also had to leave work at 5 sharp each night, though that turned out to not be such a huge deal.  After our last show, I saw a couple more shows on Sat. (including the incredible Entrances and Exits, the improvised farce), then on Sunday, I saw three shows.  One thing that is kind of neat is that for three of my last five Fringe shows, I knew others in the line-up.  I guess that's what happens when you start spending time with actors.

I slowly caught up on work over the week.  I had actually planned on seeing a couple of Summer Music Festival shows, but the late night show was Thurs, rather than Friday, and I just didn't want to disrupt my schedule that much.  Then Friday's show was sold out.  There is one show I will try to see in two weeks, but I had better get tickets soon!

This Sat. I spent a huge amount of time working on a TRB paper (the deadline is basically a week away), but made terrific progress.  I actually took a nap (while the program was running a batch file), so wasn't able to get out and go swimming in Regent Park.  But later I did grab some groceries, ran off to the library and then went to the gym.  I also obtained the painting which is part of the Impermanence Project, but I'll blog about that separately.  And I did some weeding, after the temperature finally broke.  So it was a fairly productive day, all things considered.  I had been inside a few hours before it finally starting raining.

Today, I should be able to run out to go swimming (just waiting to finish digesting breakfast), do some more shopping and wrap up the grocery shopping.  I should try to hang the painting, though that might wait until Monday.  The model estimation for TRB should wrap up tonight, and I need to carve out a few hours for other work, but I feel pretty much on top of that.  I guess then I can work on a few other projects, like returning to the quilting, figuring out something for under the porch to keep the frigging raccoons from knocking over the garbage bins and then building a Little Free Library for the front yard.  Always something to do, that's for sure.

Edit: While the rain was fairly gentle on the way out to the pool, it was so heavy coming back.  I managed to get my laps in, but it has been far too long since I've swam laps.  I'll have to try to make it back there once a week.  Looks like it will definitely be raining pretty hard tomorrow, but maybe it will lighten up a bit after that.  The plants do look a lot happier right now.

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