Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Future Theatre

I'll just use this page to remind myself of theatre productions that I would like to see, even if some are a bit unlikely and involve too much travel.  I'm mostly looking ahead to productions in Toronto, as well as potential side trips to Chicago.  At the moment, I am not listing anything from the Stratford or Shaw Festivals, though I do intend to start going regularly to those and eventually involving the whole family as the kids get older.  Many but not all productions on this list have been culled from the Dramatists Play Service website.

March-April 2014 Vancouver, BC - UBC - Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi (I'll probably go see this next month.)
April 2014 Berkeley, CA - Shotgun Players - Tom Stoppard's Coast of Utopia (3 plays in one day!) (I probably will arrange to see this.)
June 2014 Vancouver, BC - Bard on the Beach (This year I intend to see A Midsummer's Nights Dream and The Tempest.  I'm still deciding if my son will join me for one or both performances.)
June-July 2014 Vancouver, BC - Spider Webb Productions - Sharr White The Other Place (I'm not sure about this play.  It got good reviews in New York, but seems to require a particularly strong actress.  In any event, this production may never get off the ground.)
July 2014 Vancouver, BC - Pacific Theatre - Rajiv Joseph - Gruesome Playground Injuries (This supposedly opens July 2.  It might be worth pushing back the move a few days into July in order to catch the previews.  Not sure.  It depends a lot on mover availability (which might be better if it isn't June 30) and what is finally decided about the place we are renting and the place we will be renting.)
Aug-Sept 2014 Toronto - Soulpepper Theatre - Arthur Miller's The Crucible (Not a play that I want to see too many times, but Soulpepper has a pretty good reputation and might shake it up.)
Oct. 2014 Chicago - DePaul - Nilo Cruz Anna in the Tropics (A pretty interesting play, though one I saw at Victory Gardens.  I don't think I would make a special trip to see it, but if I happened to be in Chicago...)
Oct-Nov. 2014 Chicago - St. Sebastian Players - Wendy Wasserstein The Sisters Rosensweig
Nov-Dec. 2014 Chicago - Eclipse Theatre - Lynn Nottage Mud, River, Stone (I like Eclipse's work a lot, but this is the only play from their Nottage season that interests me at all, and I still wouldn't make a special trip to see it, though we might be in Chicago around that time.)
Jan-Feb 2015 Chicago - American Blues Theatre - Steven Dietz Yankee Tavern    (I keep missing this play, and it turns out there was an early production in Milwaukee that I found out about right after it closed.  If only this opened a bit earlier, we could combine it with a visit over the winter holidays.)
Feb-March 2015 Toronto - Company Theatre - Annie Baker The Aliens
Feb-March 2015 Toronto - East Side Players - Andrew Bovell Speaking in Tongues (This might actually be a play that would interest my wife.)
Feb-March 2015 Brooklyn - Brooklyn Academy of Music - O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh (Tickets to this are going to be next to impossible to get (Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy are reprising their roles from the Goodman production).  My connections in Brooklyn are thin, so I don't think this one will happen.  But never say never.  (Tickets go on sale in the fall...)  I'm not that interested in going to see it at Broadway prices, assuming that it does transfer there.)

I guess in a year, I can check back in and see how many I actually attended (6-7 is my guess right now, though counting Coast of Utopia as a single event).

Of course, a fair number of plays are announced late and the truly off-Loop productions are often by brand-new authors that don't have representation through DPS, so there should be several plays that get added to the list in the fall after we are established in Toronto and I start scanning the scene there.  It will be difficult not to get too distracted by what's going on in Chicago, but I expect I will be staying pretty busy at work, and that will certainly help...

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