Sunday, February 2, 2014

Landing point

I really don't know when this happened, but across all my browsers, it is now counting my visits as page views.  I think the problem is the intersection of how cookies are stored and some change that Blogger has made, since this all worked perfectly fine a few months ago. 

This is particularly annoying as I often do go back and make edits, especially in the first couple of days after I put up a new post.  I guess I will continue to do so, but as a bit of a sop to getting accurate counts, I will always come to this post first and subtract views of this page automatically.  If I really cared that much, I could go with Google Stats, but it is all pretty irrelevant, as I am not attempting to monetize this blog.

So I guess of the 13K+ views, maybe 12K are not my views and I should discount the future views by 10-15%.  I have noticed that a very large number of the "real" views are only places like vampirestats that don't represent actual readers.  But I'll try not to let that discourage me too much.  I have 4 or 5 posts that I want to get to in Feb. and then I'll largely be caught up.

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