Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Corporate Haiku

Well, this title is a bit of a tease.  I have been working for about a week solid on a proposal, and someone suggested we needed some very short pieces in call-out boxes for the non-technical people (who are going to ignore everything else in the proposal).  So I churned these three out, and noticed that they did look like corporate poetry, though none of them are remotely haiku.  (Maybe next time.)  Enjoy!

Firm A/Firm B:
cutting-edge experience
in advanced model development
combined with local understanding.

This project is centered
around the client's needs
for a forecasting tool
to inform critical decisions
on infrastructure,
pricing and tolling,
transit congestion,
highway congestion,
supporting Green modes,
reducing greenhouse gases,
and improving freight movement
throughout the region.
The proposed enhancements
to the model support
better forecasts and
a deeper understanding
of these issues.

Enhancements to the model
extend the work and school
journey concept to full-tour
modelling with consideration
of impact of stops in the combined
mode choice/time-of-day model.
With the addition of destination choice
for all tour/trip purposes, as well as
a stop location model
for inbound and outbound legs,
the model is well-positioned to
move to an activity-based model
in the next phase of enhancements.

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