Saturday, May 9, 2015

Calling cards

While calling cards themselves are not a "thing" anymore, I've decided that if I am going to be serious about my writing and promoting my work (which I suppose includes the blog), I need personalized business cards.

I thought very seriously about a super plain card that just read Scrivener.

(Yes, obviously it would have needed an email address or phone number at minimum.)

But so few people would have gotten the reference.  And more to the point, a scrivener was more of a copyist and certainly not a creative writer.  Though much of the technical writing (and seemingly near endless re-editing) I do comes closer to this type of writing.

So in the end, I went with a super busy card that ties together the three latest cities I lived in (left to right) Chicago, Vancouver (or Richmond if one wants to be really technical) and Toronto.

It should look very much like this but may be a bit fuzzier.  Unfortunately, I won't know if the email and blog address will look ok until it is actually printed.  The bigger issue is that it is way off-centred and doesn't look professional.  So what exactly is the point here. (The real lesson is not to try to throw all these things together at the last minute, but I generally don't have the time I would like to make a proper job of things.  I'm always trying to see if I can cheat time a bit, and it often does come back around and bite me.)

So I probably would have gone with this, which does look slightly more professional, but so much of the top gets cut off.  And if I push the text down, then even more of it gets lost in the windows of the Kluczynski Federal Building.  So back to the drawing board, for hopefully the last time.

I guess it might look like this, which isn't too bad (though it's still very busy).

I am now torn because I either have to pay too much for one day service or wait 5-7 business days, which kind of defeats the purpose, since they won't be ready to take to Sing-for-Your-Supper, which is this Monday (even though I still don't know that my piece will be selected!).  What I really do need to do if I go this route -- and I am having some second and third thoughts about it -- is to change the header of the blog to tie into the card.  I started working on that, but ran out of time.  While this week I should not be quite as bogged down with work, I will begin painting and moving things into the new house.  We did manage to close and have the keys and everything.  So turning a new page here in Toronto.  Exciting.

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