Monday, May 18, 2015

Progress report - the move

My son had the idea of coming up with progress bars for the move.

That's probably not such a bad idea.  I'm pretty bushed right now, but later in the week I'll come back around and fix these up, like I did with the progress through Proust bars.

Painting the new house
(The second room is taped up, and if we decide we only need a single coat in my daughter's room, then it is more like 2/3 done)

Downstairs packing
(Roughly 70%, which is way better than when I started tonight (closer to 15%) but it does feel like a missed opportunity.*)

Packing the rest of the rooms

Sorting at the new house
(Though I have put the futon together in case I need to crash over there, which is always a good thing).

The dilemma is that I am clearly not going to benefit as much from renting the car for 4 hours today, but so be it.  I'm going to take a short nap and try to get a few more boxes done.  The bad news is that if I get too exhausted from the packing, I won't be able to actually lift the boxes out of the basement and into the car.  Let alone come back later in the evening and get more of the painting done!  I obviously am just pushing too hard and need to ease up at least a little bit.  I have to remind myself that it's not the end of the world if the movers do end up moving things that I "should" have moved myself.

* I managed to get a lot done today, though I need to head back over and paint.  If I had been a bit more organized, I probably could have squeezed in one more trip back and forth, but I think I did a good job and should not be so hard on myself.  The key thing is that I can definitely clear off the bookcases and then get a truck to get them over to the new place.  Ideally that would be next weekend, but I may want to hold off until this contractor takes a look at the foundation for the back room.  It's an addition to the house and may not be quite as firmed up as the rest of the house, so I definitely need to investigate further.

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