Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New house, New reading list

Technically, we have been in the new house for a bit over a week now, but I thought I would hold off updating the reading list until Canada Day, at least in part to mesh up with the time cycle of the 9th edition of the Canadian Book Challenge.  For the 8th Challenge, I just managed to get up to 20 reviews, though that involved more than a few poetry collections (9 of my 20 reviews this cycle were of poetry collections!).  I guess that's not exactly cheating.  While it takes much less time to read a poetry collection than a novel, it can easily take more time to write a proper review.

It's a little hard to count precisely, but it seems that I read approximately 60 novels (and a dozen or so poetry collections) in the last 12 month span.  This suggests that there is a reasonable chance I will be within striking distance of getting to Middlemarch by December 2015, and I won't have to distort my reading list too much to slot it in then (not that I am sure they will be doing the tackle Middlemarch in December blog again, but I can go forward on my own regardless).  It also appears as though I will need to add a bit more Canadian fiction to the list to get to 13 by next June, though as usually is the case, I'll probably supplement the novels with some poetry collections.  I think I'll aim to end the 9th Challenge with either Paul Quarrington's Whale Music or Steve Zipp's Yellowknife, depending on how I do with the rest of the list (and what else I am doing aside from reading fiction in my limited spare time).  It's still somewhat depressing that I have my reading more or less mapped out through 2018 or so, though there are some incredible books on here that I probably won't get to unless I stick to the program.  (On the flip side, we do think we'll be in this house for 10+ years, and I should be able to get through this particular list by then, providing I don't continually add to it...)

I would say overall there is a slightly reduced emphasis on getting through books on my TBRD pile (To-Be-Read-and-Discarded) and more emphasis on books that I think I will enjoy but that I have deferred for too long.  There are even a small number of books in the list I will actually be rereading, but not very many.

Gabrielle Roy The Cashier
Albert Cossery Proud Beggars
Molly Keane Good Behaviour
Tomaso Matricide
Ivan Vladislavic The Exploded View
Qiu Miaojin Notes of a Crocodile (boring, whiny tract, full of self-pity)
Bruno Schulz The Street of Crocodiles
Gabrielle Roy Street of Riches
Bruno Schulz Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass
Elizabeth Taylor A View of the Harbour
Jerome K. Jerome Three Men in a Boat
Machado De Assis Epitaph of a Small Winner
{library hold mishap:
Barbara Comyns The Juniper Tree
Jane Urquhart The Night Stages
Bulawayo We Need New Names
Neil Smith Boo
Russell Smith Confidence
Stuart Dybek Ecstatic Cahoots: Fifty Short Stories
Saadat Manto Bombay Stories
Karan Mahajan Family Planning
Amit Chaudhuri The Immortals - didn't care for; decided to return unread}
Machado De Assis Philosopher or Dog?
Munro Who Do You Think You Are?
Fanny Howe Famous Questions
Michael Ondaatje The Cat's Table
Narayan Mr Sampath
Joyce Johnson In the Night Cafe
Gloria Naylor Bailey's Cafe
Kafka The Trial
Molly Keane Time After Time
Nabokov The Gift
P. Marshall Praisesong for the Widow
Mahfouz Thief and the Dogs
Nancy Lee The Age 
Narayan The Financial Expert
Munro The Moons of Jupiter 
Nabokov Invitation to a Beheading 
Fanny Howe Indivisible
Clarice Lispector Água Viva
Faulkner Go Down, Moses
Narayan Waiting for Mahatma
Musil Young Torless
V. Woolf Jacob's Room
B. Mukherjee Darkness
Mahfouz Autumn Quail
Murakami After the Quake
Iris Owens After Claude
Elizabeth Hardwick Sleepless Nights
Spark A Far Cry from Kensington
Tess Slesinger The Unpossessed (probably for the second time)
B. Mukherjee Miss New India
Robert Coover Pricksongs & Descants
Lem Solaris
Alice Denham Amo (cannot be acquired through ILL -- I read a bit sitting in the reference library and decided to pass for now)
Denham The Secrets of San Miguel (if I can figure out how to read Kindle books on PC)
Eve Babitz Slow Days, Fast Company
Earle I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive 
Urdang Lucha
Ama Ata Aidoo Our Sister Killjoy
Charles Johnson Oxherding Tale
Abdourahman Waberi In the United States of Africa
John Litweiler Snake Mojo Minuet 
Brian Moore The Luck of Ginger Coffey
Naipaul Mr. Stone and the Knight Companions
Alain Mabanckou Broken Glass
George Eliot Middlemarch (aim to read in Dec 2015)
Smollett Roderick Random
Albert Cossery The Jokers 
Faulkner Intruder in the Dust 
Machado De Assis Dom Casmurro
Warner Mr. Fortune 
Malamud God's Grace 
Vonnegut Galápagos
Archibald Arvida
Dany Laferrière How to Make Love to A Negro (without Getting Tired)
Alain Mabanckou Blue White Red
Callaghan Such is My Beloved
Achebe No Longer at Ease 
Molly Keane Loving and Giving (Queen Lear)
Bove Armand
Marie-Claire Blais Mad Shadows
Joseph Roth The Hotel Years
A. Chaudhuri  Afternoon Raag
Naipaul The Enigma of Arrival
Dany Laferrière Heading South
Brigid Brophy In Transit
Waberi Passage of Tears 
Smollett Peregrine Pickle (I agree with the reviews that say this goes downhill sharply after page 50 -- a minor novel about a very unpleasant man-child that should be ignored)
Anita Desai Diamond Dust
Adiga Last Man in Tower
Roth Sabbath's Theatre  (not enjoyable - I should have bailed halfway through)
Highsmith The Price of Salt
Lem Memoirs Found in a Bathtub
Sciascia One Way or Another
Bove A Man Who Knows
Bowering Burning Water
Han Kang The Vegetarian
Eileen Chang Love in a Fallen City
Lethem Chronic City
Tim Murphy Christodora
McInerney Bright Lights, Big City
Oscar Casares Brownsville
Bell Waiting for the End of the World
Mittelholzer A Morning at the Office
Edna O'Brien Night 
Butler The Way of All Flesh
A. Igonibo Barrett Blackass 
Smollett Humphrey Clinker
Harper Lee To Kill A Mockingbird
Faulkner Absalom, Absalom!
Fontane On Tangled Paths
Irène Némirovsky David Golder
Gregor von Rezzori Memoirs of An Anti-Semite
Jacobson The Finkler Question
Malamud The Magic Barrel
Between C & D, eds. Rose and Texier
Vladislavic The Loss Library
Choi Kay's Lucky Coin Variety
Kundera The Festival of Insignificance 
David Foster Wallace The Pale King
Camara Laye The Radiance of the King
Emmanuel Bove Henri Duchemin and His Shadows (NYRB)
Verjee In Between Dreams -- this novel involves a topic (incest) that I am simply not willing to read about
Paul Quarrington Whale Music
Howard Barker The Castle 
Kafka The Castle
Liebrecht A Good Place for the Night (unpleasant and not recommended)
Yamashita I Hotel
Rick Moody Hotels of North America
Murakami 1Q84
Ivan Vladislavic 101 Detectives
Patrick deWitt The Sisters Brothers 
Lahiri The Unaccustomed Earth
Mavis Gallant The Moslem Wife
Uzma Aslam Khan Trespassing
Graham Swift Ever After
Thackeray Vanity Fair
Fontane Irretrievable
Kingley Amis Lucky Jim
Lethem Men and Cartoons
Nosaka The Pornographers
Cendrars Moravagine
Ford Madox Ford The Good Soldier
Roth The Great American Novel
Shashi Tharoor The Great Indian Novel
Lahiri The Lowland
Steven Sherrill The Minotaur Takes His Own Sweet Time
Elmore Leonard Tishomingo Blues
J.L. Carr A Month in the Country
Isak Dinesen Out of Africa/Shadows on the Grass
Thrity Umrigar Bombay Time
Chetan Bhagat One Night at the Call Center
U.R. Ananthamurthy Samskara 
Trollope The Way We Live Now (to be deferred until Dec. 2017, replace with Lotta Schmidt and Other Stories)
Malcolm Bradbury The History Man
Christopher Isherwood A Single Man
Bove A Singular Man
MacLennan The Watch That Ends the Night
Callaghan The Many Colored Coat
Findley Not Wanted on the Voyage 
Samuel Johnson Rasselas
Borges Ficciones
Calvino Invisible Cities (third time through)
Narayan An Astrologer's Day/Lawley Road (stories)
Thomas McGuane To Skin a Cat (stories)
Dürrenmatt The Physicists
Gaskell North and South
Shields Unless 
Steve Zipp Yellowknife
Suzette Field Curious Invitation - 40 Greatest Parties in Literature
Nancy Mitford Love in a Cold Climate/The Blessing (decide about Don't Tell Alfred)
Elizabeth Jane Howard After Julius
Zweig The Post Office Girl (& Journey into the Past?)
D.M. Thomas The White Hotel
Kristin McCloy Some Girls
Nina Berberova The Tattered Cloak - TPL
Bennett The Old Wives' Tale
Jane Bowles Two Serious Ladies
Spark Memento Mori
Singer Enemies
Malamud The Assistant
Fante The Wine of Youth (incl. Dago Red)
Atwood Payback
Clarice Lispector A Breath of Life
Munro The Progress of Love
Mitford The Pursuit of Love
Lessing The Habit of Loving
Faulkner Flags in the Dust & The Unvanquished
P. Roth  - The Breast, The Professor of Desire, The Dying Animal
Bullins The Hungered One
Juan Rulfo Pedro Páramo
Gaskell Wives and Daughters
Pushkin The Captain's Daughter
Walser Jakob Von Gunten
Melville The Confidence Man
Mann Felix Krull ??
Kafka Amerika (the new translation)
Modiano In the Cafe of Lost Youth
Durrenmatt A Dangerous Game 
Max Apple The Propheteers
Pablo Vierci The Imposters
A School for Fools by Sasha Sokolov 
Katherine Porter Ship of Fools
Moacyr Scliar Max and the Cats
Carol Shields Dressing Up for the Carnival
Tony Parsons Departures -- (dialogue/plotting was so amateurish, I had to give up)
Khushwant Singh Train To Pakistan
Tayeb Salih Season of Migration to the North
al-Khamissi Taxi
Mahfouz Midaq Alley
Jez Butterworth Mojo
Hardy Far from the Madding Crowd
Anderson-Dargatz The Cure for Death by Lightning
Faulkner A Fable
Clarice Lispector The Hour of the Star
Paul Auster Moon Palace    
Gregor von Rezzori Death of My Brother Abel
Buzzati Restless Nights (weak aside from a parable involving Einstein)
Kinsella Red Wolf, Red Wolf
DeLillo White Noise (I shouldn't jump so far out of order, but I think I shall anyway)
Updike The Rabbit Novels (and Rabbit Remembered from Licks of Love) 
Jez Butterworth Parlour Song
Krzhizhanovsky The Letter Killers Club
David Lodge The British Museum is Falling Down
(a bit of interspersion with these shorter works and the Rabbit novels)
Bissoondath The Soul of All Great Designs
Atwood The Heart Goes Last
Rabindranath Maharaj Homer in Flight 
Homer Iliad & Odyssey
Virgil The Aeneid
Ovid Metamorphoses
Apuleius The Golden Ass
Rulfo The Golden Cockerel
Montaigne (& Shakespeare's Montaigne - NYRB)
Achebe Arrow of God 
Powers Morte d'Urban
Stone A Hall of Mirrors
David Lodge Home Truths
William Maxwell LOA novels (Bright Center of Heaven | They Came Like Swallows | The Folded Leaf | Time Will Darken It | The Château | So Long, See You Tomorrow)
Dawn Powell A Time To Be Born 
Dawn Powell LOA novels 1944-62 (My Home Is Far Away | The Locusts Have No King | The Wicked Pavilion | The Golden Spur) 
(intersperse Maxwell and Powell)
Thisby The Good People of New York
DeLillo Cosmopolis (also out of order)
Paul Bowles The Sheltering Sky
Burroughs Naked Lunch
Levi The Periodic Table 
Natalia Ginzburg Four Novellas (Valentino, Sagittarius, Family, Borghesia)
Elizabeth Bowen The Death of the Heart
Lawrence Hill The Book of Negroes
Celine Journey to the End of the Night
Hardwick The New York Stories of Elizabeth Hardwick (NYRB)
Susan Sontag I, Etcetera (stories)
Juan Rulfo The Plain in Flames (stories)
Beckett More Pricks Than Kicks & Echo's Bones
T.C. Boyle Drop City
Sinclair Lewis (Main Street, Babbitt, Arrowsmith, Elmer Gantry, Dodsworth and It Can't Happen Here) 
Maritta Wolff -- Whistle Stop, Night Shift, Sudden Rain, Buttonwood and The Big Nickelodeon
(intersperse Lewis with Wolff)
Tom Wolfe Bonfire of the Vanities
Madeleine George The Zero Hour
Maugham The Razor's Edge
Aeschylus The Oresteia
Faulkner The Snopes Family (Hamlet, Town, Mansion)
Powers Wheat That Springeth Green
Mistry Family Matters
Mavis Gallant Home Truths
Natalia Ginzburg Family Lexicon
Malamud Pictures of Fidelman
Mary McCarthy The Group
Madeleine George The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence
Melville Pierre
Kierkegaard Either/Or & Fear and Trembling & Sickness Unto Death
Hugh MacLennan Voices in Time
PKDick The Man in the High Castle
Amis The Alteration
Mahfouz The Mirage 
P. Roth -- Zuckerman Bound, Exit Ghost
Richard Yates Eleven Kinds of Loneliness  
John O'Hara Waiting for Winter
Richard Yates Revolutionary Road
John O'Hara Appointment in Samarra
Fontane Effi Briest
Beckett Krapp's Last Tape & Three Novels
Waugh Decline & Fall and Vile Bodies
Victor Serge Conquered City
Fuentes Where the Air is Clear
Vargas Llosa The Time of the Hero
Elizabeth Bowen The Heat of the Day
Fontane Before the Storm
Tolstoy War and Peace
Vasily Grossman Life and Fate
Victor Serge Midnight in the Century
Don DeLillo End Zone
Pym Some Tame Gazelle
Queneau Zazie in the Metro
Bissoondath Digging Up the Mountains
Skvorecky Miss Silver's Past
Roth The Counterlife
Richler The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
Paul Valery Monsieur Teste
A. Barrett Ship Fever
Mahfouz The Search
Lowry Under the Volcano
Leon Forrest There is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden (frankly not my cup of tea -- not a novel, basically a long prose poem on racism in the U.S., as well as the contradictory impacts of religion on African-Americans)
Ghosh The Calcutta Chromosome
Narayan The Guide
Ahmed Ali Twilight in Delhi
Natalia Ginzburg The Road to the City (includes The Dry Heart)
Dickens Pictures from Italy & American Notes
Herzen Letters from France and Italy
Gogol Dead Souls
Conrad The Secret Agent
Bely Petersburg
Victor Serge Unforgiving Years
Pynchon The Crying of Lot 49 (and V???)
Kawabata Palm-of-the-Hand Stories
Ratika Kapur The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma (agree w/ others the ending is a bit off)
Meera Syal Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee
Amit Chaudhuri Odysseus Abroad
Manu Joseph The Illicit Happiness of Other People
Laurie Colwin Happy All the Time
Russell Smith How Insensitive & Noise
Fitzgerald Flappers and Philosophers
Hemingway The Sun Also Rises
Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise
Hemingway A Farewell to Arms
Fitzgerald The Beautiful and Damned
Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls
Dos Passos Adventures of a Young Man
Bronte Jane Eyre
Jean Rhys Wide Sargasso Sea & Voyage in the Dark
Fitzgerald Tender Is the Night 
Hemingway A Moveable Feast
Fitzgerald The Last Tycoon
Fitzgerald I'd Die for You and Other Lost Stories (very disappointing)
Mahfouz Love in the Rain
Willa Cather My Antonia
Ross As For Me and My House
Ross The Lamp at Noon (stories)
Gloria Naylor Mama Day
Fuentes A Change of Skin
Findley You Went Away
Naipaul Miguel Street
Lethem Fortress of Solitude
Cohen Beautiful Losers
Bissoondath A Casual Brutality
Fuentes Aura
Karen Hill Café Babanussa
Russell Smith Muriella Pent
Laurie Colwin Family Happiness
David Bezmozgis Natasha and Other Stories
W.P. Kinsella Russian Dolls: Stories from the Breathing Castle
Bellow Seize the Day
Bove Quicksand
(after this more Pym and Doris Lessing** and a return to Mahfouz and Narayan)
Desani All About H. Hatterr
Bellow Adventures of Augie March
Andre Gide The Vatican Cellars
Garcia Marquez No One Writes to the Colonel 
Guy Vanderhaeghe Daddy Lenin
Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment
Conrad Under Western Eyes
Chekhov 7 Short Novels
Turgenev Smoke
Huxley Chrome Yellow
Turgenev Virgin Soil
Huxley Mortal Coils (stories, incl. The Gioconda Smile)
Sciascia Open Doors
Gissing New Grub Street
Neruda Isla Negra
Fuentes Terra Nostra
Steinbeck To a God Unknown
Cesare Pavese Selected Works
Mary McCarthy Birds of America
P. Roth American Pastoral
Kafu American Stories
Durrenmatt The Judge and His Hangman & The Quarry
I.B. Singer Enemies
J. Roth Radetzky March & The Emperor's Tomb
Walser The Tanners 
Alfred Doblin Bright Magic: Stories
Pym Excellent Women 
Elizabeth Bowen Eva Trout
Bronte Wuthering Heights
McKay Home to Harlem
Don DeLillo Great Jones Street 
Mordecai Richler The Street 
Constance Beresford-Howe The Book of Eve
Helen Weinzweig Basic Black with Pearls
John Lavery Sandra Beck
Saramago Skylight
R. Mistry Tales from Firozsha Baag
Adiga Between the Assassinations
Fisher The Conjure Man Dies
Greg Hollingshead The Roaring Girl
Angela Carter The Bloody Chamber
Welty The Robber Bridegroom 
Taylor The Wedding Group 
Durrenmatt  The Pledge
Green Blindness
Saramago Blindness
Knut Hamsun Hunger
Fante The Bandini Quartet (Wait Until Spring, Bandini; The Road to Los Angeles; Ask the Dust and Dreams From Bunker Hill)
Perec A Void
Bellow Dangling Man
Camus The Plague (and perhaps reread/skim The Stranger)
Buzzati The Tartar Steppe & The Siren
Malraux Man's Fate
Koestler Darkness at Noon 
Danilo Kis A Tomb for Boris Davidovitch 
Victor Serge The Case of Comrade Tulayev
Thien Do Not Say We Have Nothing 
Kim Thúy Ru
Malamud The Fixer
DeLillo Ratner's Star
P. Roth Nemeses (Everyman, Indignation, The Humbling, Nemesis)
M. Thomas Man Gone Down
Green Living 
Taylor Blaming 
Levi The Sixth Day
Mann The Magic Mountain
Huysmans Against Nature
Austen Pride and Prejudice
Atwood Moral Disorder
Gide The Immoralist/Strait Is the Gate
Pynchon Gravity's Rainbow
Scarlett Thomas PopCo 
Pym Jane and Prudence
Dos Passos Manhattan Transfer
Gerard De Nerval Selected Writings (enjoyed "October Nights" the most)
Aragon Paris Peasant
Christopher Isherwood Berlin Stories
Joseph Roth The White Cities/Report from Paris
Oria New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 (ended up skimming this and skipped a couple of stories)
Fante West of Rome
Ghosh The Glass Palace
Peter Carey Parrot and Olivier in America - indefinitely suspended for cowardice
de Tocqueville Democracy in America 
Trollope The Three Clerks 
Vila-Matas Bartleby & Co.
Quartermain I, Bartleby
Achebe  A Man of the People
Musil The Man Without Qualities (try to arrange to read Dec. 2018)
Cela The Hive 
Achebe Anthills of the Savannah
Hoban Riddley Walker
Tunney Flan 
Powys Wolf Soylent
Drew Hayden Taylor Take Us to Your Leader
Lem Tales of Pirx the Pilot 
Lem More Tales of Pirx the Pilot (a lot of Lem worth reading, but I might circle back first to Pirx and then Ijon Tichy (The Star Diaries, Memoirs of a space traveler and The Futurological Congress))
Victor Pelevin Omon Ra
Hardy Return of the Native
Steinbeck Tortilla Flat
Álvaro Mutis Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll 
Murdoch The Sea The Sea (way out of sequence, maybe rethink this)
Pynchon Against the Day 
DeLillo Players/Running Dog
Murakami Norwegian Wood
Jane Urquhart The Stone Carvers
Austen Sense and Sensibility
Guillaume Morissette New Tab
Gornick Louisa Meets Bear
Engel Bear (sort of skimmed the first time)
Narayan The Man-Eater of Malgudi
Sciascia The Day of the Owl & Equal Danger
DeLillo Amazons
Findley Dinner Along the Amazon
Churchill Cloud 9
Cortazar 62: A Model Kit
Lessing The Golden Notebook
Musil Five Women
Jean Rhys Quartet & After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie
Munro Friend of My Youth
Guy Vanderhaeghe Homesick
Malamud The Tenants ?
Forrest Meteor in the Madhouse
Engel The Tattooed Woman (stories)
Trollope Why Frau Frohmann Raised Her Prices
Vicki Baum Grand Hotel
William Trevor Nights at the Alexandra
Anna Seghers Transit (NYRB)
Bove Night Departure & No Place
D.H. Lawrence Sons and Lovers (uncut version)
Faulkner Sanctuary & Requiem for a Nun
Green Party Going
Woolf Mrs. Dalloway/Mrs. Dalloway's Party
Isak Dinesen Babette's Feast & Ehrengard
Nabokov The Enchanter ?
Narayan The Vendor of Sweets
Chatterjee English, August: An Indian Story
Howells Indian Summer
Dickens Oliver Twist
Celine Death on the Installment Plan
Mahfouz The Beggar
Balzac The Human Comedy/Pere Goriot
Davies The Salterton Trilogy
Didion Play It As It Lays
Trollope He Knew He Was Right
Bissoondath Doing the Heart Good
Sciascia To Each His Own
Rhys Good Morning, Midnight
Engel Lunatic Villas
Mann Buddenbrooks
Angela Carter Wise Children
O'Connor Wise Blood
Welty Delta Wedding
Zola The Fortune of the Rougons
Faulkner The Sound and the Fury
Téa Obreht The Tiger's Wife
Chigozie Obioma The Fishermen
Dostoevsky The Brothers Karamazov

(I'll have to intersperse a bit more Canadian fiction (I've already added a bit more Alice Munro), and probably some of the early DeLillo novels, a few more from Narayan and Mahfouz and perhaps Nabokov from their respective lists, maybe tackle Austen, maybe work in a bit more Doris Lessing, reread Barbara Pym and then perhaps tackle Dickens and Trollope.  Still, this is a decent 2-3 year plan (or 4-5 if I throw in a lot of Trollope and Musil's The Man Without Qualities and maybe cycle back through Garcia Marquez and Vargas Llosa), so we'll just see how it goes.  I'm sure unpacking and rearranging the books will cause me to promote others on the list higher.  I think after I make it through this extended list, I will more or less work my way through the rest of the books on the shelves to make sure I have had a chance to read them all.  I believe I have read roughly 35% of the fiction & poetry books on the shelves, which is actually not that shabby.  That will obviously change radically if I add another bookcase of fiction, but I think I probably will have to break down and get more shelves.)

* Of course, this is yet another novel that the Toronto Public Library owns but has turned into a reference book, so it can only be read in the library; I probably won't bother.

** If I really do start in on Lessing's Children of Violence series, I will probably follow it up with Eric Kraft's tres amusant books about Peter Leroy.  I got through 6 or so of the early short novellas but not the later, longer novels.

Actually I had no problem adding a bit more Canadian fiction.  (I had a considerably harder time finishing Middlemarch in Dec. 2015, but I just made it.)  In terms of shaping the list, I am hoping to end the 9th Canadian Challenge with Whale Music in June.  I'll probably more or less keep the list in this shape through Vanity Fair, which I am now targeting to tackle in Dec. 2016.  After that, I think I will want to blow out the 10th Canadian Challenge with a bang, since it might be the last one.  I'll already have gotten a couple of Munro story collections and presumably Mavis Gallant (for the first time) and probably Steve Zipp's Yellowknife.  In terms of what I will promote or add, so that I can review them by June 2017, I am thinking about The Book of Negroes, The Stone Carvers, Findley's Not Wanted on the Voyage, Bowering's Burning Water (though I might have reread it already), Skvorecky's Miss Silver's Past, at least something by Bissoondath and Vanderhaeghe (probably Daddy Lenin), and Miriam Toews's A Complicated Kindness (I'll leave All My Puny Sorrows for another year).  I have a vague idea of ending with Atwood's dystopian trilogy (Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood, and MaddAddam).  I doubt very much I can handle anything beyond that, but if there is time, I will consider Hugh MacLennan's The Watch That Ends the Night and Morley Callaghan's The Many Colored Coat and Richler's The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.  That will almost certainly be shunted off to whatever takes the place of the Canadian Challenge, and I would also strongly consider rereading The Deptford Trilogy at that time.

After this, I will prioritize getting to Musil's The Man Without Qualities and Perec's Life A User's Manual, as they are two of the remaining masterworks I want to make sure I read before I shuffle off this mortal coil, but this is probably 3 years out (more likely 4-5 years, with the most recent changes)!  While this is a pretty tremendous list (in my view), it is also more than a little odd to have committed myself to reading specific books that far in advance.  Anyway, I think before the Doris Lessing/Eric Kraft combo, I should revisit Jose Saramago, even though some of this will be rereading.  I'm thinking something sort of like this:

Saramago Skylight
R. Mistry Tales from Firozsha Baag
Adiga Between the Assassinations
Saramago Blindness
Perec A Void
DeLillo The Names
Saramago All the Names
Cunningham The Hours
Plato The Republic (at least Book VII)
Saramago The Cave
Plato The Symposium
Muriel Spark Symposium
Saramago Seeing
Norfolk The Pope's Rhinoceros
Saramago The Elephant's Journey
Murakami The Elephant Vanishes
Pynchon Inherent Vice
Faulkner The Wild Palms (linked through the palm trees of Miami Vice)
(I've already moved just a few up to the tail end of the main list) 

If I really do make it through this and have not gotten completely sick of this list, it will be time to really tackle Dickens and Trollope -- and for some variety the longer novels of Murakami -- and probably the Edmund White trilogy and Joyce Cary's First Trilogy.

I'm also thinking of tackling far more short stories in 2017.  I've already been reading Alice Munro fairly regularly and will start adding in Mavis Gallant and Bernard Malamud in 2016.  I might set aside a month or two in late 2017 where I work through a number of short story collections in a cyclical fashion -- perhaps John Cheever, T.C. Boyle, Angela Carter, Elizabeth Bowen, Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Lessing, Flannery O'Connor, Katherine Anne Porter, Eudora Welty, John Updike, etc.  Maybe even John O'Hara and J.F. Powers.  That would certainly merit its own tracking post.

Undetermined position
(books that I purged (unread) but available in Toronto libraries)
Terry Darlington Narrow Dog to Carcassonne
Mulisch The Discovery of Heaven

Transferred from VPL lists

Husain Basti
Albert Cossery A Splendid Conspiracy (UT)
Albert Cossery Laziness in the Fertile Valley (UT)
Laura Lush Fault Line
Andrew Crumey Sputnik Caledonia
Amy Waldman The Submission
4 poets : Daniela Elza, Peter Morin, Al Rempel, Onjana Yawnghwe
Tash Aw Five Star Billionaire
Machado de Assis A Chapter of Hats: Stories
Machado de Assis The Devil's Church and Other Stories (UT)
Machado de Assis Esau and Jacob (UT)
Joseph Roth Right and Left  (UT)
Fernando Pessoa The book of disquiet (look for Zenith translation from 2002/3)
Cesare Pavese The Political Prisoner (UT)
Trichter Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Stewart O'Nan Last Night at the Lobster
Ben Winters The Last Policeman
Terry Fallis The Best Laid Plans
Terry Fallis The High Road
Frederick Busch The Mutual Friend (UT)
Frederick Busch Closing Arguments
Ken Kalfus The Commissariat of Enlightenment
Ken Kalfus A Disorder Peculiar to the Country
Chloe Aridjis Book of Clouds
Sunjeev Sahota Ours Are the Streets (UT)
Rebecca Lee City Is A Rising Tide
Alex Shakar The Savage Girl
Jansson The True Deceiver
Guillermo Arriaga Jordán The Night Buffalo
M. John Harrison Nova Swing
Richard Ford The Sportswriter
Bishop-Stall Ghosted
John Connolly The Book of Lost Things
Rowan Somerville The End of Sleep
Kenny Fries The History of My Shoes and the Evolution of Darwin's Theory (UT)
Hisham Matar Anatomy of A Disappearance
Sergio de la Pava A Naked Singularity
Samuel Delany Babel-17
Samuel Delany Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand
Samuel Delany Nova ?
David Deutsch The Fabric of Reality
David Deutsch The Beginning of Infinity Explanations That Transform the World
Stephen Graham Cities Under Siege The New Military Urbanism
Jeffrey Eugenides The Marriage Plot
Michael J. Meyer The Last Days of Old Beijing
Jennifer Egan The Invisible Circus
Joe LeSueur Digressions on Some Poems by Frank O'Hara
Will Clarke Lord Vishnu's Love Handles A Spy Novel
Clark Blaise The Meagre Tarmac Stories
Jorie Graham Swarm
Josephine Johnson Now in November (TPL - reference only...)
Martin Flavin Journey in the Dark (UT-Downsview)
Elias Canetti Memoirs (The Tongue Set Free/The Torch in My Ear/The Play of the Eye)
Lionel Trilling The Liberal Imagination Essays on Literature and Society (NYRB edition)
Literary Essays and Reviews of the 1920s & 30s By Wilson, Edmund (UT)
Literary Essays and Reviews of the 1930s & 40s By Wilson, Edmund (UT)
Edmund Wilson Memoirs of Hecate County
The Devil's Dictionary, Tales, & Memoirs By Bierce, Ambrose (UT)
Roald Nasgaard The Mystic North
Michael North Art and Commerce in the Dutch Golden Age (UT)

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