Saturday, June 18, 2016

Deck Follies #2

Progress has been slow, but I made just enough today to avoid the slough of despond.  Will I actually manage to get all the paint sanded and scraped off by Sunday 5:30 pm (at about which time I need to pack up and head over to the Hearn)?  I doubt it, though it is not impossible.  I'm going to switch to a different grit tomorrow.  I think I will avoid putting down any more stripper, as tempting as that is, and perhaps cover the whole area with the cleaning solution and let that soak in for a while.  I really ought to see about starting to put the cleaning solution on the bottom part of the deck, but this looks like it is going to be a multi-day process, certainly including the sanding of the bottom part of the deck, and then the staining.  But I might be done with the top part by Canada Day, and then I could at least get the deck furniture back in place.  Maybe that is the more sensible approach.

Anyway, to give you an understanding of what I did today (Saturday), this is where I had to leave off last weekend.

And this is where I am today.

There are still a lot of very stubborn patches of paint left, and it is possible I do give up and just stain on top of some of them, though hopefully few (and only in places that are not quite so out in the open).

I do know that I will surely be sore tomorrow, and I can assure you that I am not enjoying this at all.

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