Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saddest Father's Day aka Deck Follies #3

That was what my daughter told me: that it was the saddest Father's Day when I told her I would be working most of the day (as well as going off and getting the groceries).  We agreed that hungry fathers were sadder, but yes, it was pretty sad that I would have to work.  Both the kids helped a bit on the deck, but it was a fairly hot day, and I didn't want them to overdo it.  I might have a touch of heatstroke myself.

I didn't mind the working per se, but the fact that it just doesn't look much better after an entire day's work.  See below.

I am finding the paint on the boards to the right is just entirely intractable.  It can't be scraped off and it has to be sanded off.  Even to the left where the paint often peeled off, there are still lots of spots left to be sanded.  It's looking like even with the wash (which I can probably put on tonight or Tuesday, which is a bit more likely), it will be another day of medium sanding and then a day of fine sanding, which would be next weekend.  After that, I will just leave whatever paint is left and go ahead and start staining.  I can't be bothered anymore at this point. 

Depending on the weather and how much I can do in the evenings, I might have the first coat down by Canada Day.

Anyway, I am going to shower and head off to Luminato to hear Tafelmusik.  Hopefully that will partially make up for a fairly tough day.  Ciao.

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