Friday, January 6, 2017

Winding down 2016

I am definitely not going to miss 2016.  It will go down as one of the worst years ever -- basically when average people lost their minds and decided that sticking it to the man was the best thing since deep-fried Snickers.  Of course, 2017 may end up considerably worse, but I am trying very hard not to pay any attention to what happens in the U.S.  (I know my daughter would be thrilled if we visit Europe rather than the States again.)

For me personally, 2017 will likely be a decent year. I've made some decent progress on writing various plays.  I've gotten two actors interested in putting on some shorts, and that may be enough for me to commit to making this happen.  I'll also look more seriously into getting my anthology of transportation poetry published, though I don't want to spend a lot of time on that.

Anyway, I tried growing a bit of a goatee.  While it was supposed to be a quasi-tribute to George Michael (his last look anyway), it just looked bad.  Mostly it was coming in completely white and made me look even older than I actually am.  I looked like a scuzzy version of Peter Gabriel, so I ditched the whiskers.

Due to catching a cold, I put on hold making the curtains and these stuffed fish toys.  I'm sure the germs wouldn't have lasted, but I just wasn't feeling that well anyway.  (It probably is even more sensible not to try to make any sugar cookies right now...)

I'll do it when I get back.  I've just finished packing for my trip to DC.  I've also just learned that it is going to snow tomorrow (in DC, not Toronto) and that always makes for an unpleasant visit (since DC is never prepared for snow of any kind).  It means I'll have to wear boots, and I'll probably have to wear them on the plane, since they won't fit in my duffle bag.

Normally, we put away the Christmas tree and take down the lights a full week after New Year's, but I'll be gone next weekend.  So we took advantage of the fact that I had Monday off, and got everything packed away by Jan. 2!  That has to be a record for us.

This year my daughter wanted a gingerbread house.  I debated getting a kit, but then just bought one that was pre-assembled, and we added the frosting and decorations.

Even though we've now eaten almost all of it, she is quite upset that some is going to end up in the compost.  But it is starting to get stale, much like 2016 did there at the end.

With that, I need to bid you adieu and get some rest before flying out early in the morning.  Best wishes for 2017!

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