Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Back to boots

We had a decent stretch through the weekend where it was dry and relatively sunny and not even that cold.  I got lulled into the false complacency and didn't bother to check the weather on Monday morning.  Big mistake.  I got caught at work with just regular shoes as it snowed all afternoon.  It was a very powdery snow, but it still made a big mess of the sidewalk on the way home.  I actually had to shovel that evening and then again in the morning.  It has stopped for now though apparently it will probably snow again at some point today.  Tomorrow should be ok, then the bottom drops out again.  Friday is supposed to be something like -9 C!  And the following week we won't break freezing.  It does look like it will be a tough February.  Oh joy.

So perhaps I should just provide a few updates.  I've been going to a lot of theatre, most of which I appreciated more than actually enjoyed.  I have a few thoughts I should try to get down soon, but basically I am wondering why theatre has really stayed so conventional when art films and the art world more generally seems to want to keep moving in an avante-garde direction with some inevitable counter-currents.  I suspect at the end of the day it is because theatre doesn't exist without a paying audience and the audience today seems pretty conventional.  Anyway, more on that later.

I have not been very good about going to the gym.  I just really don't like going out there when it is cold.  I might go a bit more if we had a tunnel instead of the bridge over the railroad tracks, but fundamentally I just don't like shuffling through the snow.  It's probably going to be a perpetual problem (the whole point of getting the gym membership was to work out when I wasn't biking, i.e. during the winter!).  Anyway, I will see about going tonight as it is one of the last days left before it gets really cold.  I guess I would give myself a D on going to the gym.  A C+ for doing some exercise at home in the mornings.  Maybe a B for improving my diet at work, cutting out the sugary snacks I relied on in the morning and replacing this with fruit (and chewing gum).  It would be a B+ except I haven't been good about avoid temptations, such as co-workers leaving cookies around...  Definitely a lot of room for improvement.

I finally got back into the quilting and am getting fairly close to having the second panel ready.  It looks like this when the two parts are put together.

I did some calculations, and I think it is going to be on the small side.  I probably will need to put on extra wide borders.

Anyway, I have only put in a few hours rewriting my script for the Fringe, so I think I need to make that a much higher priority through the end of the week.  Hopefully I can report back soon that the next draft is ready.

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