Thursday, January 18, 2018

Minor Achievements for the Week

I have gotten slightly better about not only writing about my frustrations, even though they are often top of my mind.  Anyway, I have been doing reasonably well at sticking to a new routine of crunches and push-ups every day.  The number of push ups is pretty laughable, but I am sure it will get better.  Crunches are generally not a problem.  I really didn't want to, as the weather was much colder than forecast, but I did go to the gym last night.  There is a small chance I will go tonight, after a parents' night at the middle school, but most likely it will be Sat. afternoon.  I'm eating a bit better and exercising a bit more, but there is such a long way to go to lose enough weight to feel like I've finally turned the corner.  That is frankly depressing.  (I won't even list a number I'd like to lose, since that would be even more depressing.)

At any rate, I also got the sewing machine ready and sewed another strip of the quilt.  There was a fairly long layoff over the winter break.  I'm closing in on the 2nd panel.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned, there will be more ripping and resewing of the 3rd and 4th panels, but this will still come together.

I finished a memo for work, though there are some other work-related things I have been putting off until essentially the last minute.

The main goal for the weekend will be to make another pass through Final Exam and try to tighten and improve the script (and start getting the next batch of actors -- I have one definite and two probable so far).  I'll check back next week to update on my progress on that.

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