Monday, September 18, 2017

A full weekend

This weekend was just as exhausting as a typical workweek!  To some degree it started on Friday where many of us were on a learning tour of the east side, where we walked the entire route of the future Downtown Relief Line, i.e. from Pape station down to the Unilever site and then across the Don and finally to Union.  We found out about the city's plans for various stations along the way.  Very interesting, but it was a particularly warm day, so we had to stop and hydrate several times, including at Kim's Convenience (I guess they still do the exterior shots here).

Probably the weirdest and saddest thing was that as we cut through a neighbourhood, this squirrel started darting out and sniffing people's legs and shoes, and then started chasing after us.  I was trying very hard not to get bit, as it probably was quite sick, since this is not normal squirrel behaviour!

Anyway, it followed us to Queen and it then ran out into the street and was run over by a streetcar.  That cast a bit of a gloom on the tail end of the tour.  Some calculated and we did something like 12,000 steps on the tour, though I walked up to Pape Station before the tour.

I did manage to get a few things done at work, though I left off from starting the big evaluation report that is due soon.  In general, we are still somewhat basking in the glow of getting a long, detailed report approved by the Board, and it will be posted to the public website next week.  It has been a lot of effort getting this ready.

I did take a bit of a break when I got home, but had to find some time in the late evening to put the last side of the border on the quilt, since I had set a time to drop off the quilt on Sunday.  Saturday really wasn't an option, since there was a massive street party that lasted all day.  In any event, I did finish it.  You can see about 2/3rds of it here, with the bottom part sort of tucked under.

Sat. morning we got up and swept the sidewalks and the street and waited for the bouncy castles to arrive.

It was a long, long day.  There were all kinds of games, including a few for adults, though I didn't play any of them.  I took a few turns watching the bouncy castles and had some food.  I didn't really chat that much with people I didn't know, which I guess is part of the point of a street party.

But it was a good event, if somewhat overwhelming.  What other street party has a master chef and a DJ right out in the front yards?

I'm fairly sure both of our kids had a good time, perhaps despite themselves.  This year I actually hung out for a while at the after party, which is just for the core families on the street.

However, I did have to wake up early on Sunday and press the quilt one last time.  Then I went and got the ZipCar for the drive out to Mississauga (not Etobicoke as I had thought).  The drive really wasn't that bad, but it still was more driving than I am used to at that hour.  I went over the various options with the long-arm quilter.  She thinks it will be done in about 3 weeks, and best of all, she will mail it back to me, so I don't have to make another trip.

I did the grocery shopping, and I helped the kids with homework.  I did a bit more prep work for the play reading coming up this Tuesday.  I probably should have gone to the gym, but instead, I crashed for a fairly long nap in the afternoon.  I'm actually still tired, but I guess I'm ready to face the week.  As ready as I'm going to be, I suppose.

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