Saturday, September 2, 2017

Long weekend - Day 1

It's odd how the first day of September brought a real chill in the air, and that has lasted through today.  A short while back, I had looked at the weather forecast, and it was for several days of nice weather, but now it is saying it is fairly likely it will rain this evening and Sunday.  Most of next week threatens a bit of rain, which might make riding my bike a real problem.  I guess on the upside, I will get back to reading, whereas I did almost no reading last week (after we got back from Ottawa), so I have fallen behind.

This morning I got the groceries for the week, and actually it was fortunate my son came along to carry some bags back home.  Then I went to the library.  I was quite disappointed that none of my holds came in, though I picked up a few CDs, so it wasn't a completely wasted trip.  However, as soon as I checked my account (when I got home) it turned out that 2 of my hold items showed up right after I left!  I may be able to pick them up on the way back from swimming.

I don't feel like doing a lot more chores today, though I think I will switch out the shower curtain and clean it.  Then I need to take my somewhat reluctant daughter swimming.  There is a small chance I'd go to the gym later on, but it is more likely I will do that Sunday, just trying to avoid a rainy spell.

I do plan on doing more quilting today.  I have sewn the last of the strips together into long strips.  I've generally been quite fortunate in how it came together, only needing to unpick one seam and sew it again.  Well, on this last row, I had to unpick a second seam.  All things considered, that's not bad, and generally the long strips match up quite well (knock wood).  I have sewn 11 together (in this picture you can see the progress through 10).

Since there are only 17 rows, plus a border, I am quite close, and I will definitely be done at some point in September.  It's hard to say if it really is worth the effort, but it is pretty and it should be warm when completed.

I have some reading to do for work over the weekend, along with chasing some data, and I have a fair bit of creative writing to work on, but that can definitely wait until tomorrow.  Today already feels like a fairly busy day, so I had been get a move on.

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