Wednesday, May 23, 2018


While I sometimes slip up a bit on my early morning exercises, mostly because I feel I need the sleep more, I have been doing much better on the main exercise front.  I had a period during the winter I could only drag myself to the gym once or twice a week, but I've been going three times a week pretty regularly, and I have also been biking to work three times a week on average.  I haven't started the swimming up again, though I hope to do that soon, perhaps next week -- or even this Friday depending on schedules (mine and the rec centre's).  I've started slimming down a bit (another belt size at least), though certainly not as much as I had hoped, particularly given that I have been refusing treats at work.  Indeed, I have had to pass up so much cake and donuts these past few weeks!

The frustrating thing is that I had plateaued weight-wise for a very long time and only a couple of days ago had the needle started moving again in the right direction.  I really had hoped that eating better and all the exercise would be enough, but it doesn't seem so.  I'll have to really cut calories to finally convince my body to burn the fat.  I've decided that I will skip a big lunch and just replace this with fruit and perhaps rice cakes.*  While this is not likely sustainable over a long, long period, I am hoping that I will burn enough fat and reset my body to a lower weight, and then I can find a maintenance level that works.  The biggest difficulty will be not replacing all the calories once I get home.  I wasn't so good about that yesterday, but I will start squeezing on that end too.  I've stopped buying ice cream, crackers and chips.  The next time at the grocery store I won't buy any dried fruit or dates (something I have been indulging in a bit too much).  As with everything, there will be good days and bad days, but I am definitely committed to losing most of this excess weight.  I'm just trying not to be too upset with myself for letting it happen in the first place, as that isn't actually helpful.

* I forgot to mention that for the first time ever, I have a co-worker who is fasting for Ramadan.  So we will try to provide moral support for skipping the treats at work.  Not that I consider a fruit diet a fast, but it is certainly less than I am used to eating during the middle of the day, and it does make me a bit cranky.

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