Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Updates of a Minor Nature

Tonight is another rehearsal for Final Exam.  This time we should finally have the full cast (someone was sick last time) and the director will turn up as well.  I asked the cast to have the script down, but not sure where they will be with that.  Fingers crossed.

I'm running a bit behind on getting my poster/postcards ready, but I need them soon, so I'll try to get the main image ready and work on that more today.  There is some early release party at Fringe Central this Friday, but I don't think I can make it.  Actually I don't even know when it starts, but I just think I'll be busy.

I've dug the bench in a bit and tried to get it settled.  I don't think it will be moving again, especially after I added caulk to attach the top to the sides!  The only filler I could find that claimed to work with concrete was bright white, so it basically looks like a pigeon came by and shat on the bench.  That's disappointing, though it all comes down to the fact that Lowes transported them in a way that all the bench tops were somewhat damaged.  I also added a layer of concrete sealant, which if anything will make the color mismatch last longer, but I figured I had to do something before the rain started again.  I also planted some petunias along the path to spruce things up a bit.  I'll do a bit more later in the week, but basically I think the front is essentially done.

I did have time to run by the Eaton Centre and pick up a new pair of jeans.  The good news is that I can button up a pair of jeans that is one size down, but the roll of flab that hung out was not a good look.  I am frankly disappointed at the slow rate of improvement (I am working quite hard on going to the gym and biking and lately have been skipping lunches) but will stay the course for now.  Probably when the jeans go on sale, I'll get the smaller size.

I'm not making nearly enough progress on my TRB presentations, though I do have one piece completed.  I'll see if I can work more on it tonight after rehearsal.

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