Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So sick

I just can't seem to quite get healthy.  I finally went and saw a doctor about a nagging cough and she gave me a cough suppressant, but now I seem to have some viral thing.  Probably my daughter does as well.  I would really hope this is the last day of this, since I am thoroughly sick of being sick.  I've almost completely lost my appetite, which under other circumstances might not be too terrible...

I did spend a bit of time checking work emails and things seem to be moving on ok without me (which can be a bit of a shock as the hero of Handling Sin finds out).  We all like to think we are irreplaceable, though in this case, things really will go off the rails pretty quickly without me.  On the other hand, my manager has been on sick leave since October and it has now been extended through May.  No one seems to really feel her absence...

Anyway, hope to make it in at least part of the day tomorrow. 

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